Weekend Getaway - Sungai Petani + Gunung Jerai

Mission: Going to Sungai Petani with the alternative route which bypass the highway (meaning not even a penny for toll kakakakak!), watch movie, shopping, and conquer Gunung Jerai.

We departed quite early on Saturday morning, at about 8.15am. Had breakfast at the usual roti canai place.

We followed the alternative route to Sungai Petani from Kuala Perlis via Alor Setar-Gurun-Sungai Petani route. This route eventually bypass small patch of North-South highway (and saved about RM5 of toll), and the distance is nearer too (the route is about 100km but I think the distance is farther if using the highway).

We arrived SP at about 10.30am, and our first stop was Central Square. We got there so damn early, the cinema counter was not even opened yet! LoL.

I watched Avatar for the second time! Haha! Anyway, SP's cinema was not as good as KL's and even Jitra's, my legs hurt after the movie. -________-

Correction for the previous post about Avatar: Toruk Makto is the rider of The Last Shadow lah... So Jakesully is Toruk Makto, and he is NOT riding the freaking awesome Toruk Makto, instead, he is the freaking awesome Toruk Makto riding the freaking awesome Toruk. *CONFUSED*

Then we had lunch at the 'corridor-side' Secret Recipe.

^nice color of the ice lemon tea

^Spagetti bolognese

I was so full, I couldn't eat the cake. :( Too bad...

After some shopping at Tesco, by the time we reached Adik's auntie's house, I received this sms:

'Amah' is the initial for Grandma fyi

I was shocked and stoned for a few seconds, then immediately phoned my mum. Grannie fell down at my auntie's house, and broke the femoral head of her leg where her old injury was, and operation is required. Anyway, as mum said there are already many people there, so I am not required to go back. :(

Anyway, her operation was a success. :) Doc said she is 90-year-old woman with a 60-year-old body. BW said no wonder I have good gen. Haha!

We prepared our food for the trip to Gunung Jerai on the way back to Perlis.

^Didn't know I look so cute when I'm serious. Haha!!!

^Just to spoil the look~

Gunung Jerai is located in Yan District, about 40km journey from Sungai Petani.

There are few routes to go uphill, either you drive up, walk up or climb the stairs up. In our mission, we went up with my loyal and wisdom DAW5841.

The road uphill is so damn scary I tell you!!!! Maybe it's only me, as I've never challenge DAW with such hilly roads ever yet, and the route up was so steep, it was the ultimate test to test my naik bukit skill!! Luckily I pass :) (proven that my license was 'passed through test' one, not 'buy' one, for those who know what I mean ;p )

The whole route from the bottom to the top is about 12km, and it seems like forever.... =.=

^Tada at 1200m!!

There's a really nice The Regency resort at the top of the hill, but the hill is covered by the mist and fog, you can't see anything down hill. It's almost like, you are in heaven~

I might gonna come to stay for a night or two perhaps. Hehe~

Then, we tried the other way of the hill road to find out 'Telaga' something and Padang Tok Sheikh. The road was so narrow and steep, I was in cold sweat while driving up.

Luckily we found our way too... but with extreme disappointment.

^The signboard

^...and three disappointed minah.

We don't even know where the hell the padang and batu shaff were... So not to let us too down, we had our lunch in the drizzling cold weather :)

^Our food: sardine sandwiches, cup cakes, nuggets and sambal ikan bilis

^I had some fun because I always love high mountains and hills :)

On the way down, there is this quite nice building with signs says 'Muzium Perhutanan' (aka Jungle Museum??), but it's closed.

And for us, we would go in if 'it's free entrance'! :p

That's what we did during the last weekend.

Random Pict-ry time:

Yesterday, Hid and I went for jogging. Her mission is to keep fit and my mission is to make my legs pain wtf -.-

Anyway, on the way, it rained, and it got bigger and bigger. So, I came across this idea to find myself an umbrella (although I was soaking wet already at that time).

You can always find something from the Mother Nature to survive. LoL.


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