The one up-there is fair

Took a break from the piles and piles of books and notes...

AS per continuation of my previous post about that same topic, I think I should share it in English version too, in case anyone who doesn't understand and/or can't read Mandarin. It's more or less the same, so if you already read the Mandarin version, you can skip this one.

^I AM obviously not god...

Have been hanging out a lot with a male uni friend of mine lately. Mostly dinners. We would sit, eat, drink and chat for who knows how long until the clock strikes midnight sometimes lah not all the time.

Among all the topics we have chatted gossips are certainly not excluded, we always come back to the conclusion that:

God is fair

I always say God but he always say 'the One up there'. Thus the title... LoL

Beforehand, I would like to tell a story.


There is a friend, he is not really bright and smart, and he is often been teased by the lecturers during lecture.

"Can you work a little harder please??"
"How can you score so low in your test???"
"Can I please not seeing you again next semester????"
"Pay attention! Stop talking!"

However, what the lecturers didn't know is that, he is waaaay more diligent than I am.
Assignments -- he would start doing it earlier than I would. When I wasn't started yet, he already done it and wanted to compare the answers.
Tutorials -- he would start doing it earlier than I would. When I planned to just hold a blank paper to the tutorial class the next day and being scolded by the lecturer, he would give me his done work to copy the answers.
Lab reports -- he would start doing it earlier than I would. When I wasn't plan to start doing it yet, he already finished the Results & Discussion part and wanted to compare the answers, and even gave me his soft copy.

However, no matter how hard he tried, his pointer is still among the last in the class.

Until now, the final year, he shines, due to his outstanding fineness of his FYP aka Final Year Project.

His electronic knowledge is remarkable and perfect, his project methodology is among the greatest in our class. Sometimes, his name was mentioned in the staffs and lecturers meeting because of this.

At the past few weeks, when we were all busy rushing the FYP report, he would ask for my help to check his report and correct his grammar and sentence structure.

When he explained about the function and purpose of the particular electronic parts and circuitry (to ease me in structuring a better sentence), most of the time I ended up with a lot of question marks STILL on my head, three lines of sweat at the side of my forehead, and a companion of guilty-conscience 'OHHHH....'. He knew that I wasn't really understand what he's talking about, and we had a good laugh about it.


Most of the time, would you happen to notice that the people around you have a significantly different personality?

Some people are incredibly smart, but are incredibly lazy;
Some people are extremely hardworking, but their results are not so good;
Some people are superb in their theory understanding, but are not handy when it comes to practical;
Some people are weak in their theory, but are superb in practical usage;
etc etc etc etc...

You think you are better than anyone in some aspects, but in the other parts, you aren't that good whatsoever. Sometimes you think you are weaker than anyone, but in the other aspects you are brilliant.

This is all because ---- God is fair.

I admit, in studies, I am much better than the guy in the story above; but in other ways, I am waaay behind him.

If we are applying the same post in the same company, and the job's main requirement is the knowledge of electronic basis, I am certainly won't successfully make it.

God is fair. There is no 100% perfect human in the world. Everyone has their own imperfection.

You are not that good, but you are not that bad anyway;
You are not that bad, but you are not that good in some way.

Be grateful of what you have. =)


su natasha said…
MY WORSE: Electronicssss!! Dem, really cannot cannot go.

MY BAD: I'm bad in math, that's why, I can't go on with add maths since hi-school. Didn't score in Engineering Mathematics liao. Not good with accounting (tomorrow's paper, gulp!) >_>""

MY AVERAGE: Theory in biology. Can maintain laa.. but sometimes drop to B also.

MY BEST: Kelentong and Bodeking. Hakhak.. But manage to expose myself. Grabbing opportunities. Language is among my fav.


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