Home At Last

I've been home for almost a week now.

I was kinda bored, since I came back after a series of busy-ness overload period. You know, like, you are super busy for FEW MONTHS, then suddenly there's nothing to do anymore. LoL.

My house's internet speed ain't that fast too, so, if I'm doing something illegal, I can't surf the net, and vice versa, and I can't do both things in the same time, and sometimes I can't at all. Thus explain the lack of FB-ing and blogging and etc. LoL.

Anyway, I'm glad, relieved, bliss and contented. At last, I'm done. Just hope we don't have to follow the fate of our school - the 'TOPUP subjects' is a curse!! I do not want!

Random story time:

On our way back to KB from Perlis (dad visited Pauh, and he and Mr. YB actually met each other, it's just that they didn't know each other), 老爹跟我说了一下让我热血沸腾,激动不已的事情。





PURPLE is LOVE said…
You will have to come back to Perlis Nee Chan!

We'll meet again later!
tino said…
qing ming lagi?!!


this week ai dui liao...bozai mi ko ai kong oh...

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