2010 Thomas Cup Final : CHN vs IND

Since I talked about Semi Final, takkan I don't talk about Final right? And yes, it's a bit late, so?

I watched the final match at the smelly hostel's TV room.

Live streaming and maxis really don't love me I think, the sound was smooth but the screen was total blank. Sienness overload. Plus, I spent about 10 minutes walking around the hostel compound to look for another TV room, because the previous TV room which was just two houses away from mine was cleared. Then ended up at another block and the room was super smelly with cats' urine. Just imagine how horrible it is!! -____- And the TV screen was broken, the display was blurry, totally. Beh tahan to the max.

And, I didn't watch Uber Cup Final, but the fact that Korea won the cup for the first time certainly made me regret for not watching the game. Oh well~


LD vs TH: Yo, Taufik was way underperformed, and, for me, his performance was worse than our Datuk!! -___-
The first set was really not shiok at all, ended with 21-7. 7 dude 7!!
Anyway, this game proves one thing - there's no one 'yet' to kill the immortal SuperDan. Drop shot cannot kill him, smash cannot kill him, net shot cannot kill him, placing the shuttle all over the court cannot kill him.
The most amazing and unforgetable shot was at the 8th point, where LD proves that kind of net shot is NOT 100% impossible to rescue. I really can't find suitable words to describe the shot, so just watch the youtube below :)

between 0:44-1:20

Hebatness Overload!!!

CY/FHF vs MK/HS & CJ vs SS: This two games were put together into one story is NOT because they were bored, in fact it was far more excited and fun to watch!

The Indonesians had put on a good fight, both games extended to rubber game to determine who would win. The Indonesian doubles is one of the best pairs in the world, and Simon is not an easy opponent to defeat as well. I had good time watching this two matches! :) Not the same feeling as I watched the semi final -____-


People was complaining in forums that our national TV's sport commentators suck to the max. I couldn't agree more. Since the TV sucks, I depend on the commentator to announce the score, and nothing more. Haha.

Just hope BAM can do something about our national badminton team to prepare for other big games coming soon.

p/s: I'm home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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