Movie I watched

1. Hachiko: A Dog's Story

Another dog movie that makes me cry. Plus, Richard Gere is hot! (My housemate was weird why would I like an old man. Dude, that is called 'MATURE' ok?)

I love 'based on true story' story as I've mentioned for an annoying number of times!, and this in fact is an awesome one.

The origin of this movie (and the dog, Hachiko) was from Japan in 1923, you can google about the details.

At first, I seriously thought that Akita Inu and Shiba Inu are the same breed yet they use different names, but they are actually different breed. The confusion was because of this movie, where at first I thought Hachiko and Mari are from the same breed. They are not. There is similarity in the appearance of both breed (the phoenix eyes LOL), but Akita Inu is larger than Shiba Inu. Now this explains why Hachi(above) is larger than Mari(below).

^Hachiko vs tall adult aka Richard Gere

^Mari vs young girl aka Aya

This movie tells the story of a loyal dog named Hachiko who waited for his master in front of a train station every evening, even after the master passed away. I don't want you to hate me, so just google for the rest of the spoiler.

There are two version of this movie: American and Japanese. I watched both versions, and I prefer the former more.
The latter was made in 1987, which the scenes and background illustrated the true surrounding of 20's, and I bet the story about Hachiko's life after the death of his master in the Japanese version is more authentic than the American one, where he was ditched from house to house, owner to owner. More kelian~ And the Japanese' Hachiko was more obedient and tame, where the scene shows Hachi would just sit in front of the station and lick his master's hand to greet him. On the other hand, the American Hachi is more American, where he jumps on Richard Gere with excitement and all that.

If you like dog, you would love this one. If you don't, you might like this movie too but at least you won't cry.


2. Coraline

I thought the movie was ages ago, but it's actually last year. Hmmm...

Recently, I finished a book by the same author of this movie - Neil Gaiman's 'The Graveyard Book'. It is a nice book to read, and an easy one too. Most of my friends would be thrilled and puzzled when they read the synopsis at the back of the book, because it is about the book of a boy staying in the graveyard, brought up by ghosts, befriended a witch etc.

Same style goes to this movie too.

The animation itself was not the Pixar style of cartoon. No attractive colors, no nice outfit, no awesome background etc. The story itself makes the whole thing good.

Coraline is the name of a feisty girl, with a bossy mother and an obedient father. She always wish she could have another happier family and her wish comes true. Then later blah blah blah blah google the spoiler please thank you :)

I would say, the story is not really child-friendly, although it's an animation. The part where Miss Spink and Forcible play the opera drama was too over liao, cannot accept...

Other than that, it is quite an entertaining cartoon.

3. Where the Wild Things Are

'Ewwwwww.... Oh my goodness... Jialatness overload...'

Yes, that's response along and after watching the movie.

The trailer totally screwed me all over. I really thought and expected it would be a good movie, at least an entertaining one. But no, hell no.

As I google about the story, I was surprised that this movie is based on a story book, and the whole story is only 9 sentences. It would be difficult to stretch the whole story to a 1-and-a-half-hour movie, but I never thought it can really turn out to be so suck.

Max is not likeable at all (at least for me). He is imaginative, stubborn, angry, lonely etc etc. OK ok he is a child, so? Does that mean he can trash his sister's room, bite his mum's shoulder etc? That would be a death penalty in our home! -_____- Kid you not. My late maternal grandmother was not the person you want to ever mess with.

The first part talked about him upset with his sister and mother, later when he ran away from home and met with few giant furry 'thing', OH just great... so not adorable.

Literally, each and every wild thing represent a character evolved in Max's life, but still, they ran, yelled, jumped, fight with each other. Then Max exaggerated (and LIED) about him being a strong kid who defeated a strong guy in his world, I actually saw the shadow of my irritated and stubborn cousins' shadow on him leh. -_____-

At the end of the movie, I just feel like slapping the stupid Max and hope that he has a grandmother like mine.

4. In Her Shoes

Good one :)

The Diaz-Collette-MacLaine pair creates a good chemistry. I still remembered one of Toni Collette's movie - Murriel's Wedding, which I watched long long time ago, and of course, I don't remember the story already.

I always love the movie surrounded with women, especially the golden white hair old ladies (instead of those blonde bimbos meaningless movies). Their quotes are always funny, sarcastic-ness overload and meaningful.

It tells a good story about family and relationship. Simply amazing.

5. Angels and Demons

First off, this movie is not totally 'by the book' at all.

I have the same feeling of watching 'The Series of Unfortunate Events' while watching this one -- The book is much much better!

The whole event in this movie occurs within one day, so it is understandable that it's hard to squeeze everything into two-and-a-half hour movie, but they skipped too many plots liao! Totally not shiok.

I would say, if you like this movie, you would like the book more.


saya Su Natasha said…
Nee nee ah...

Where did u watch all those movies...?
cinema meh? or u watch it on9..?
If on9, share2 liao... want to watch it too...

c ya bec in unimap.. hehe.. =)

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