Counting Down Days in Pelis...

My laaaaast paper for Bachelor's degree *finger crossed* will be on tomorrow.

My VIVA aka final year project presentation will be on Wednesday.

Course 'Last & Forever' dinner will be on Friday.

If everything goes on smoothly, next week will be my laaaaaast week being a mahasiswi.

I'll be done here. :)

Three years.... Three bloody years....

OK! Move on to other topic!

I have done nothing super special or much lately. Just as ordinary as any other days.

1. I donated blood, after the freaking 1 year and 3 months. Yes, Blood donation can be done in 3-month interval, and I know you are not interested to know much about why the long duration etc, so let's move on.

There's a program going on at a school nearby our hostel (about 5-7 minutes walking distance), and they held a blood donation program too. So, me and my housemate went to contribute our effort.

^ :) (I was sweating like crazy because of the hot weather, and the nurses laughed at me -__- )

^My blood! 300ml of my bloody blood!

By the time we finished donate, the Prince and Princess began to visit the booths, and I managed to snap few photos of them.

^I tell you, this pair of royal spouses are so sporting and 亲民!
At first glance, I really thought they were just some ordinary citizens, with the informal clothing and stuff. Bloody cun! :)

2. Admiring some serene sunset after a heavy rain. I thought they would be some rainbow on the sky but no luck for me.

3. The food that have been said three years ago, and I finally got to eat it!

^Bedong 美农's 蒸大板

3 years ago, when I told the fellow Lyn forumers that I was going to Perlis to further my study, the fellow northern guys said about this food and we've been discussing so bloody a lot that we will definitely go and eat this once!

Yes, and that 'once' was three years later.

^Ho Chiak!!

Nevermind lah, at least it's not a blank cheque, and worth the traveling too ^^
P/s: 1-and-half hour drive to that place by highway and rm5 toll; 2 hours++ drive using town road bypassing the highway.

4. Yesterday evening, my hostel's electricity went off. At the bloody 5pm!!

I couldn't do anything because my laptop's battery is very short-lived and it was too hot to concentrate on study. So...

^Too boring and too hot.

^Testing camera's setting. pretend pro-ing

^Biochemistry - I love and I hate.

It was so hot, my housemates wanted to go out me-rempit!! So we went to a place I used to phobia of - the monkey land.

Thanks to the previous nightmare, we didn't take any food this time, and they just walked by us like we are nothing but their species, just taller, bigger and less hair.

^Got see monkeys eat flowers on the tree?

More pictures around the park...

^Sunset to end the day.


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