Homesickness+Sienness Overload

I've been telling myself 'It's just a little bit more Lim Huey Nee!!!' ever since after my last paper, viva and all sorts of stuffs.

I found that I didn't talk about my final exam stuff at all. It was quite OK. Anyway, as we are using new grading system starting this semester, the lecturer said we might feel the effect of this as the marks for each grade is different. Just pray hard I still maintain what I have now.

Viva was full of blood and tears. The series of AK47 attacks were not easy. I came out from the presentation room with seriously injured mind and soul.

I told mom about all these, and she was so worried she called for three consecutive days to make sure I'm alright (It's actually pretty much odd as it's from a mother who usually calls her daughter once every fortnight and an unfilial daughter who usually wouldn't call her mother that much). She was supposed to be here last weekend to take me back to hometown, but I was occupied with the reports amendment and stuff, I couldn't go back yet, although I really want to.

It seems to be so hard to put my Degree's life to an end. I have a lot of things to rush, I have a lot of waiting, I have a lot of times to be spared. For these reasons, it's not really a good idea to go back home, instead to finish everything up and go back once and for all.

Although it seems a lot and complicated, but in fact, it doesn't. A little bit of everything makes it look big. Important. Unavoidable. Jialatly sien.

So, all I can do is always remind myself...

'It's just a little bit more!!!'

And I'm done here.

^Awesome orange-y sunset which I will miss...


tino said…
"she called for three consecutive days"

ish...wa hijik call dui chu, ko kong bo eng kua hi...patu te end call...
*~Huey Nee~* said…
Diok si gong loh... So punsi tan mi kaki call lai kah boh kek sim...

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