2010 Thomas Cup Semi Final: CHN vs MY

I was disappointed.

I couldn't watch it through live streaming site (I guess because too many users at that time), so I went to a food stall nearby hostel with large projector screen to have dinner and watch the game. It's not really 'intentionally' go outside to watch, I have to eat anyway right...


LCW vs LD: So many years, so many head-to-head matches, it still proves that LD is LCW's biggest challenge that has yet to be beaten.
The first set was quite OK (for me lah), despite some mistakes here and there. During the second set, even the pakcik of the stall also watch until beh tahan.
There were huge disparity of facial expression between those two players: LD with his lansi and proud and confident smile; LCW with his 'kan ni na 又 out!' look. Dude, the expression itself also lose big time liao. On more thing is that, at some point, it was so obvious that the other half part of the court was empty, but LCW just kept on giving back the shuttle to LD. What's wrong???
I kept on 'reminding' LCW how much points he was left behind, and when the game ended at 21-8, everyone in the stall yelled in frustration.
And, what's really so wrong about LD taking off his cloth and do the dance to celebrate? It's not like he did the 'F me lah' towards LCW what.

KKK/TBH vs CY/FHF: This was what I've waiting for! So to speak, I'm a big fan of doubles, especially when two players with the fastest smash speed record stand together in the same court, how can it make me not excited??
Too much careless mistakes from the Malaysian pair. I mean, a lot of points tersangkut on the net!
Again, I kept on 'reminding' the pairs how many points they left behind. Anyway, the game ended with 21-10. BTW, how come I think KKK's body is chubby instead he should actually be fit? Or it's just me?

WCH vs CJ: Walao, seriously, I was utterly speechless. Why did Hafiz not playing as second single? Is it because of the rule or something?
Not to say that WCH is not good, but is there really no other people else that you really have to call up a veteran-level player and play?
When the commentator stated the age of both players, I was partially stoned. Plus, it was obvious that the stamina of 33yo is weaker than the 21yo. Hence, there goes the last point to give way for China to final.


Anyway, I saw this coming before and during the matches. Losing in all sets, I would say, was because of the big gap between the points. Everyone who familiar with this type of scoring system would have knew that every point matters, and big gap is definitely a BIG no no. I learned it the hard way during my volleyball time in secondary school, as I've been through the old and new scoring system.

Second, the behavior and attitude of our local supporters in the stadium last night really surprised me. I thought I was watching a football match instead. I didn't see the middle-finger pointing scene, but I saw this one big guy, standing behind the China's team, and pointing thumb-down towards LinDan throughout the game.

Besides, even at the other side of peninsular, I could hear clearly from the speakers here the 'BOOOO' thing towards LD too. Oh gawd I am so speechless again. If you are the one in the stadium last night, did you read how did the international news write about us Malaysians? (sorry, only available in Mandarin since it is a China news website, but it's not a compliment, that's for sure!) Then summore a super lame facebook anti-LD-stripping-off-shirt fan page. Walao... Come on lah, LD is super cocky, yes, but do you hope we get the same treat when we compete in other country?

Now, where shall I watch the Finals game? Hmmm....


tino said…
LD ken pun si "bang zui" a...totally no hard smash...
LCW =.=

sui ran LD lc, tapi e diao bu wu yao ying...

taufik ma ko kak cham....first game te below 10, second ma baru 14 nia...

tapi korea win uber is very good!
*~Huey Nee~* said…
hou hui bo kua Uber final... haih...

Tan wa koh wu jie leh post si pasa Thomas Final ;)

Si loh, taufik bi Datuk Lee ko kak cham~ Double kak second single ko kak ho kua lui

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