Hard Core Training + Hair Treatment

Spent the whole morning literally on exercise alone! Met up with cikgu at the track, jogged for a round (approximately 3 km), then a 30 minute bicycle ride (I never thought going to Wang Ulu from the track can be so far!!), breakfast, and a hike up the Dakian Kasih Lagi behind Dewan 2020 as the ending.

OK lah cannot consider as a hard core training yet, but it IS superbly SHIOK!!! :) Never thought I could actually do all these in a morning!

Cikgu wanted to ask me go swimming again at the evening, I rejected, NOT because I was exhausted, but rather I had to clean my room and car, and the part time job thing.

I've bought a waist pouch for jogging stuff, so can take pictures already from tomorrow onwards...


As it's been 3 months since I last cut my hair, the end started to feel dry, especially after I went for a swimming session. Chlorine is your hair's enemy!!

So, I went to Heads Studio in Kangar for a hair treatment. Their service is good!

The package I took was what they called a 'four step' treatment, includes 1. wash, 2. maintain the hair's pH, 3. provide protein, 4. steaming. (Or something like that from what I understand...)

The products they use have a nice smell, and it makes my hair feel extremely soft and awesome! Like it very much!

^OK it might not seem convincing, but it feels really good.

One thing though, since there were 3 people 'processing' my hair, I had to repeat my answers every time they came over and asked the same questions after another.

And, realizing my 'bald' spot, they recommended me to try their tonic product.

^Really hope it works!! Gah~

The boss of the shop suggested me to get a Bob since I sweat a lot and a long hair can be very messy and irritated, and he thinks Bob looks good on me.

A Bob? Seriously?

Have to try hard on the convincing part bro~


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