Let's make it "Dogs' week", part of Coco's memoir :|

BiBiBoi might seem to be a big boy now, with his tall body and long legs, his gut doesn't grow like his physical body.

This coward boy has one so-called enemy dog at the neighborhood, a stray dog which comes to our street once in a while. Every time that dog comes by, BiBiBoi barks like that dog is his father's murderer, although other dogs have no such problem. We think the dog used to attack or bully BiBi before, that contribute to the resentment.

Last weekend when I was at home, I saw this cute incident that I just wanted to share.

That dog came over again, and when CoCo Jie and one naughty stray dog played with BiBi's enemy...

...and he literally moved around that area and didn't dare to get closer. Poor coward~ :D


Back to Kangar, the puppy that was given birth weeks ago has finally comes out to play. It walked around with its mother on the street. The puppy is so cute, I wanted to approach it so many times, but....

^W.h.a.t t.h.e h.e.l.l are you looking at?

Like mother, like child (not sure the gender, because I can't get close enough and check).

The puppy is as fierce as its mother. It was walking when I suddenly stood in front of my house with camera, it stopped and stared at me, long enough for me to take this picture, and it started to bark ferociously, and the mother came along.

^That bitch... -__-

You see, the bushes and tree are just beside my house, and they barked as I walked outside. There's one time when the mother was laying in the bushed IN FRONT of my house, she barked at me when I saw her.

Super unfriendly. They should learn a lesson from our family pet dog lah...


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