Sigh, 'nuff Said

The laptop sabotaged me again. This time, it's the screen backlight/inverter problem, or so I heard from the technicians in the shop. I can seriously feel my heart broken into tiny pieces when I heard the news, especially when the staff said:"Well, it happens. Don't be too frustrated," after I gave a tremendous sigh on it.

I thought I was overreacting again, but apparently, mum is more furious than I do. She said if this happens again, I can just throw the thing into the river and get a new one.

Nothing much to complaint though. It has served me for 3 years plus (its' fourth birthday is in the middle of the year), it's just showing signs I have been treating it rough and careless. Like a friend said:"It seems more likely to be the owner's problem." Duh~

So there it goes, 进厂 for nearly a week, and I hope it's nothing more than RM300.


Anyway, I can literally survive without laptop and internet for the weekend at home. I am not so tech-dependent human after all wakakaka!

I wonder why the laptop always give problem during weekend... Hmm....

Due to the absence of the laptop (with few GBs of movies and series), I can't play games and do the part time data entry either, so I 'had' to watch the CDs using the DVD player my dad gave me, CDs which I have bought for months, and some for years.

It's not such a bad choice after all. I have good sense in buying movies and series. Haha perasan si ai bin!!

Movie I Watched: My Son 儿子 (Korean) and Cherry Tomato 樱桃小番茄 (Korean)
Drama I Watched: Crying Loud, In the Centre of Earth 在世界的中心呼喊爱 (Japanese)
...which, I would like to share in a separate blog entries.

In the mean time, doing the long due cross stitch. The progress is slow, but moving. Sorry Jas for keep you waiting!


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