Siamese Friend's Wedding

Attended Siamese friend, Toh Ah Ee's wedding in Padang Sera, Kedah. It should be 20 minutes journey from my place, but because I was not familiar with that place, I got lost a little while, luckily managed to find her place after all.

One thing I love so much about a Siamese wedding, or, should I say, a village-style wedding is that, they serve food in this way...

^This way

They will serve plates and plates of dishes onto the table with various kind of dishes and a soup. It's not only for wedding, but funeral, God worship event and many more. I used to attend events with this kind of food serving many times in Grandma's place (one of the reason is because she was super VVIP in her village and we always get invited), and even be PART of the event too. This requires a large number of man power to always check on each table for the dishes and rice and water and this and that, kept us busy all time.

Time has changed, and honestly, I never came across this for... let's see... 10 years?? Seriously...

Today's menu is fried chicken and prawn, mixed veggie, pork belly soup, stew curry and chicken with dried chili. I wonder why they don't have Hong Bak? Hmmm... Gosh the food make me hungry -___-

Since I went alone, Ah Ee kept 'checking' on me to make sure I am occupied. Haha! So happy for her :)


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