Movie I watched - Hello Ghost

Hello Ghost 开心鬼上身 (2010)

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I honestly think the posters are not nice lo... Why don't they put the one with normal faces, while he was waiting to cross the road?

A good movie with 'cherish your family' theme. This movie makes me laugh like I'm a mad person for 1 h 30 min and cry like there's no tomorrow for the last 10 minute.

The story is about a man, Sang Man, who thinks nothing but to commit suicide due to loneliness and despair, tried to suicide by drug overdose and jumping into the river, yet he didn't die instead meeting ghosts.

Not one, but four ghost. The pervert old man; the mild bald oily hair smoker; the crying lady and a sweet tooth kid.

To make the ghosts go away, he had to carry out their wishes. So, the journey of 'borrowing' the ghosts his body began. He was frustrated and reluctant at first, but gradually he saw good things in his life and even falling in love.

The ending is quite a twist. He had a flashback when he was eating the sushi the crying ghost made, and the four ghosts were actually.......!!!

*Damn cliffhanger hehehe*

Well I guess some of you might figure out what it is, but you still need to watch the movie for the funny-ness and gandong-ness.

I must say, 车太贤 Cha Tae Hyun is definitely a brilliant actor! He had to carry the five characters (as himself and the four ghosts), and he did a very great job! Multiple thumbs up for him!


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