Too Many Series, Too Little Space (& Time)

One down, nine to go.

Yes. Ten of them all.

The other day a friend was posting a youtube on one of the "The Good Wife" scene, and I was silently screaming of excitement that finally someone shares the same taste as I do.

Then he and his friends talked about 'collecting' the series, finished watching this season, didn't get a hand on that season...

Then I wondered, how come all my laptop drives and external HDD are full?

Secret revealed that I am currently watching/wanting-to-watch ten series!

- Castle S3 (just finished season finale)
- Glee S2
- House S7
- White Collar S2
- The Mentalist S3
- CSI S11
- Lie To Me S3
- Raising Hope S1

Four of them has yet to be 'collected' the entire season, and my drives scream "DAMN YOU I'm stuffed lah!!" Duh!! Boh bien, the usual entertainment slot is taken place by the data entry part time job, for money's sake. :/

Time of new HDD investment? Hmm. I just got my pay too. Hmmmm.....

Anyway, I did something beyond belief while watching Castle season finale. I was crying during Captain Montgomery's funeral, at the same time applying hair overnight treatment. Big fan dude~ Big fan~


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