Driving Frenzy

A total of 1,400 km, 24 hours in total, I am hebatness overload! :)

Four of us, under same supervisor, attended the conference held in TATiUC in Kemaman, Terengganu. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, although I was at Kota Bharu a week before the conference, I still needed to go back to Perlis to start driving from there.

For the whole 1,400 km journey, I was the sole driver, because:
One don't have license;
One has license but forgot how to drive (due to lack of practices);
One can't drive manual car.

For some moment, it do make me feel very proud of myself because there's almost nothing that cannot be done by me! :p

The going trip was terrible. The time was a little rush so we decided to complete the journey within one day.

BIG mistake

I felt woozy from 1/4 of the journey because of early hour wake up time, plus the hot weather, I didn't even know how did I get through all this.

Worse part was that the whole journey was on the 1 and/or 2 lane city roads, not a single part of highway, that increased the nightmare. With all the cars, big vans and lorries, it tested my patient to the limit.

Besides that, Kemaman is definitely a rival to KL for its traffic jam! It took us more than 45 minutes to travel a merely 16km journey at the peak morning hour.

Good thing was that the venue of the conference is behind a hill and right next to the beach 环山傍海, very typical good FengShui, so it did ease some of my tiredness away. However, things didn't go well for the three of them due to payment issue and problems with the secretariats.

^Beach! *LOVE*

^There's an abandoned ship nearby.

For the trip back, we learned our mistake, so we departed a day earlier to stop at Machang first, then continued the journey back to Perlis the next morning. I was too tired, I couldn't even think of going to KB.

This trip set records for both me and my car: Longest driving hours and furthest distances!


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