It Goes 'Churp Churp'

I was watering landlady's plants (I am such a darling tenant loh~) when I heard a loud churp churps going on and on around the plants.

I looked ups and downs for any possibilities I might find a nest around the hollow place at the awning, near the door etc, until I found a stash of hay/dry grass on one of the thin and tall bamboo-like plant.

Then I tried to move away the branches to get a closer look at it, until I spotted a door-like entrance and the nest...

^The white thing within all the leaves and dry grass is beak of a bird inside the nest!!

I wasn't sure if the bird was dead or what as it stayed there very very still throughout my inspection. I guess it just be very very alert and stern against predator.

When I was moving the branches around to get even closer looks, I could see little wings wiggling around!! Cuteness~

I must say, the bird parents must be a really great architects as the nest is built on a very high ground and between the look-like very fragile branches, and it must withstand the strong winds and stuffs (like a huge person - that's me - endangering their home by peeping).

Now it explains why there's always a loud chirps day and night, especially when it successfully wakes me up every morning -_-


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