Shopping Frenzy and other things

Due to all the frenziness of road trips and stuffs, I took a short weekend getaway to PJ for LaYen's wedding. It wasn't really a getaway for relaxation at all, because I spent my days there shopping and movies and going arounds.

My outcomes:

^Halter dress and blouse for DaJie's wedding

The halter dress was bought at Rantau Panjang. Super Deep V!!

There's whole lot more 战利品 from the shopping, most of them are great bargains tops and singlets (3 spaghetti tops for RM11 in F.O.S!!), and a pair of RM29 jeans from WH, and they went all into the washing machine before I realized I should have taken photos for blogging.

I came back to Perlis a little earlier than I have planned, as I wanted to attend the Belly Dance Workshop. It was fun!

The fan suddenly stopped working in the middle of the night, causing me bath in sweat that woke me up. Went to shop for fan in C-Mart Arau as they're having an electrical appliance expo there.

I was a little regret after paying RM99 for the new fan because of the not-so-familiar brand, but after searching the website of brand and the fan, I was relieved (at least felt more satisfied than the Polo Club Britannia watch purchase, though the watch looks elegant.)

Need to do more data entry to cover back the damage!!

Some Other Things:

^Poison!! I loike!

^Finally reaches the RM50 barrier. Time for payday.

^Finally got myself this McD Cola glass too~

Prof treated us lunch at Radix Fried Chicken last week. In exchange, we bought cake for him as gratitude.


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