Penang Weekend Getaway



I chose an alternative route this time, exited via Sungai Petani (U), bypassed partial highway which saved the toll money by RM6.90!! (RM11.40-RM4.50). Anyway, city drive was the tormenting part, I doubted I saved any on the fuel. Sigh~

Met up with Hau, the senior and my ketua when I was with Pusat Sukan in Poli. We haven't met for 7-8 years!!

Things I've done:

1. War Museum

Well, it was quite different from what I've imagined it to be. It would be great for the night tour, for its hilly landscape, dim lights, manikins etc. Since we visited in the day time, it was less creepy and a little disappointing -__-

^Time trail of what was going on in the past...

^The replica of General Tomoyuki Yamashita gallow

They have small and pitch dark underground tunnels for the visitors to walk through, where a torch light would come in handy. We even spotted bats on the second tunnel.

When it got a little boring for me while walking through floors and floors of forts, quarters etc, we spotted something cute~


It's a family of dogs relaxing in one of the office quarters. Spent some times with these cute things.

Conclusion: RM20 IS a little too expansive. Just don't make it tooo over commercialized.

2. Food

^火锅之家 (I still prefer B.B.Q. Plaza)

Yee took me to Food Expo held at PISA. The scale of the event was smaller than what we expected, but I had great time food-tasting around and shopping for food too.

^The outcome

3. Batu Ferringhi

Nothing special to shout about. The 'illegal' water sport activities still luring the beaches. Wouldn't dare to try after all the accidents happened.

^The 'parachute' thing that make me drool

4. Kek Lok Si

After being 'turned down' by Bukit Bendera, we changed our venue to Kek Lok Si, where I last visited three years ago, when the Guan Ying statue was there already without the pillars and roof.

Now, the statue and the whole pagoda has completed.

We befriended two retired husband and wife from China who came here for vacation. I was very much impressed that they travelled here despite their zero English ability! Thumbs up! In return of our help (we wrote them names of routes for their Kinabalu trip the next day), they recommended some interesting traveling spots in China, and welcome us to visit their house one day.



The Bookfest is back, while the books I bought last year have yet to be read!!


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