'I Feel Insulted!!'

Best drama ever!! ... ... ... so far ... ...

Doing an event, regardless the size of the event, we have to work in a group/community/whatever you call it.

Working with a group of people, regardless the size of the group, we often see a lot and different kind of funny/disgusting/irritating/whatever-you-feel attitude and behaviors among the people.

I think you may have meet some of the weirdest people in your life. Those that you really want to whack his/her head with a hammer.

Today, a funny little incident erupted among our little committees group.

I'm not the victim nor the 'prosecutor' in this scenario, just an audience with popcorn on her hand. *Cheshire cat smiles*

Apparently, someone felt offended by the emails, and replied in hatred and anger.

The point is:
1. It's not really a big deal, as if we can get credit in terms of cash or prize for doing this 'charity' work. Why so serious?
2. Even if you want to write angry email, make sure you check your spelling and grammar errors lah...
3. Regardless of experience, the person has higher post than all of us. You don't use styles like larger and red color fonts with underlined sentence.
4. Even if you are so angry, things like this, you can personally send to whom may concern mah... No need to 'Reply All'

Now, you give us nothing but a topic to laugh at and you to mock at. What's the point leh?

^portion of the original email...


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