What if...

I have a lot of these What-If's questions running in my head lately.

What if I choose this...
What if I take that...
What if I go there...
What if I stay here...

...and the list goes on and on.

I used to be that kind of person who dislikes 假设性问题 What-If's questions, and I even scolded few friends for asking me such questions.

As years gone by, I realized that I've made A LOT of decisions myself, more or less giving some impact into my life and somehow form who I am right now.

For some reason, I start to think about the other way around, the other side of the journey, the other exit of the life crossroad junctions.

What would happen if I make the other decision?
What would happen if I choose the other exit of that junction?
Who would I meet?
What kind of challenges I would face?
What kind of a person would I become if I did that?

...and it gone a little insane too, that I started to have regrets in some decisions I made, which is not really a good idea.

It affected me in regretting not to stay on Biomechanics... -_-

Still, life goes on, I just have to walk forward to reveal new adventures.

Random Story Time:

How does the world evolve?

Yesterday, when you say:"There's a mouse on the floor", people would scream while jumping up the chair or table.
Today, when you say:"There's a mouse on the floor", people would say...

^"Oh It's mine, my old mouse."


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