The Chronicles of M&M - Vet Visit and Eye Treatment

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*Post dated on 19th April...

Progress from here...

I got cautious and doubts after the local vet department's diagnosis, so I emailed a vet, Dr. Jenny in KL (who is highly recommended by forumers and guinea pig owners) for a second diagnosis opinion, and I did the rightest thing!!

Apparently, Neodeca contains steroid (Dexamethasone on the label). According to Dr. Jenny, the steroid will not effect the guinea pig in general, but it is a form of steroid anti-inflammatory medicine which can help reduce swelling and pain but it can delay healing at the eye. According of Shin Yee, my chemist friend, steroid is very 'strong', it might heal the wound now but might not work if the same kind of wound or disease relapses in the future and there would be very hard to find some other alternative medicine.

Not only that, Dr. Jenny gave few possibilities for the cause of the eye problem, including infection, injury etc, and how it will cause pain to the little fellow, and one of the worst case scenario is that the pus will be continuously developing in the eye ball and it will rupture!!

I was seriously shocked! My heart sink to hell after reading her email, but, somebody needs some proper treatment!

From her instruction in her email, I first clean the eye with saline solution (the one used for IV! Not the contact lense one), then apply the eye ointment.

However, I was still confused and anxious, and since Dr. Jenny advised me to refer to a vet about his condition, I even had this sudden urge to rush him to Selangor for a vet visit! Of course, I wasn't that unrealistically losing my head, so I searched for the second resort: Penang. Two hours drive is good enough for both me and the little fellow.

Searching ups and downs for Penang's vets list who has expertise in treating small mammals such as guinea pig is quite problematic, even online. Few people recommended me Gill's for the 'famous name'. I called them up to ask about treatment and boarding (because I was going to Penang on that Saturday, 21st April) but they shut me off by not saying thank you (I am so freaking sensitive with this customer service etiquette thingy). -__________-  I decided to go to LiFE Vet clinic in Jalan Masjid Negeri (Green Lane) for a reason: Dr. Sarah replied my email in a good way, and informing me the working hour etc. 

One day before 'authentic' vet visit
The visit was tiring (drove from Perlis to Penang takes 2 hours) but worth it, at least to ease my worries. Dr. Sarah diagnosed the eye problem to be an injury, maybe from scratches, fight or some other thing. She gave me an oral medication and Gentamycin eye ointment, the charge was RM39. (So cheap, I need to confirm twice before paying, and I withdrew RM500 before departing to Penang just in case -______-)

Applying eye ointment is OK, but feeding oral medication is one big challenge for me! Luckily, lil M was easy to handle :-)

One good thing that I don't have to worry about is, he has a great appetite! From this point, I can confirm that this fellow is NOT in pain at all!

So hot, he decided to lay on the ceramic bowl
23rd April: Sparkly eye (but, it's the wrong eye)

24th April, a day before subsequent vet visit
Thank goodness, for the second visit 复诊, it is confirmed to be an injury (meaning it's not infectious disease, they can be reunited), and the eye is getting better!

A pretty hectic experience, but I'm glad it's over :-)

Well, what about the other half, big M?

With the sad face of his, he always look so sad and lonely ever since the separation/quarantine. he wasn't drinking as much too since I used a different kind of water bottle for him.

see... So sad nia~

First day of reunion: still look sad!! :/
P/S: For someone who don't dare to drive in Penang Island without a GPS, I can now proudly say that I can confidently go to Gurney, Batu Ferringhi, Queensbay Mall and Green Lane without it! :p


Faith Bieber said…
May i know the Dr's email address please ?
Huey Nee Lim said…
Hi there. I'm not sure which Dr you want, here's both:
(please note that this was the last time I visited them, so I'm not sure if they are still operating in the same office or not)

1) Life Veterinary Clinics
619 Jalan Masjid Negeri, 11600 Penang, Malaysia.
Contact: Dr. Sarah Darlington
Tel: 604-655 2576
Fax: 604-655 2576

2) Dr. Jenny -
I think her clinic is at Taman Megah, PJ.


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