I had a 'Screen' Problem

The other day, my laptop suddenly decided to sabotage me AGAIN, by blacking out his screen. This wasn't the first time already, but still I was terribly furious, jumping-up-and-down-cursing-here-and-there kinda mad.

Moreover, this little cunning fellow decided to trick me! When I was frustrated about using him at the lab (and I did using the huge ass CRT monitor to substitute the blacked-out screen for 2 days), he decided to 'come alive', back to normal again and stuff.


The next day, there he went again. Jilakat betul!

Anyways, sending him for repair is not really my option currently. Ever since the beginning of the year, I have been considering a new laptop purchase, and I have been threatening this cunning fellow since then. Plus, this kind of 'black screen' repair gonna costs me another 200+ bucks which I would rather using it on the new laptop fund!

So, there goes my dilemma. Sigh~

Why does it have to be now!?

p/s: Yup, this laptop is a 'HE'.


Anonymous said…
Look for a new laptop then...
Anonymous said…
yeah... u should buy a new laptop..

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