Have been busy....

1) ...doing private stuffs. Dinners, going outs, this and that, I have been home to sleep for most of the days, and went out almost every single day in a week, and out for whole day during weekends.

2) ... watched The Avengers. 看后感? 打架,打架,打架,打架,打架,吵架,打架,吵架,打架,打架,打架,打架,打架,吵架,打架,打架,打架,完!

3) ... wedding dinner at Alor Star last weekend. Mom, dad and Lim Erjie came to the north; met a whole lot more of distant relatives (relation related, not distance); proven that I have a LOT of relatives in the north!

4) ... rearranging room decor, making the space bigger and more comfortable.

5) ... practicing belly dance for Maslis Hari Ibu organized by Puteri UMNO. (Post will up soon when pictures' ready)


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