Movie I Watched (Over the Weekend)

1) Dark Shadows


OK lah the only reason I was so keen of waiting for this movie is because of, none other than Johnny Depp! His appearance in the trailer is Edward Scissorhands + Sweeney Todd blend into one, I mean the make up.

For me, 'Dark Shadows' is funny and entertaining enough, but it's hard to please those Imdb people.

The whole movie is alright. Good (looking) actors + actresses; some really funny scenes and punchlines; I especially like Carolyn Stoddard, so rebellious and bad girl (I didn't even realize she's the girl in "Hugo", just thought that she's very 面善)

Some downside though (my own POV):
1. Angelique's make up is tooooo heavy. The face is too fair, and the lipstick is too red. I know she is a witch, but is it necessary?
2. Angelique + Barnabad love making part. Yeah I know they have their never ending love-hate story and one is witch and one is vampire (explains the 'extraordinary' love making process), but, again, is it necessary?

Overall, it is good.

2) The Ghost Writer

I had this movie in my hard drive for ages and finally set myself down to watch it.

Dark, political, suspend and mysteries, I was blank and thoughtless half way through the movie. This is one movie that there should be no other distractions such as cross stitching, eating etc, so I had to put down my cross stitch kit, paid full attention on the movie, backwards few times to re-read the subtitles (for clarification purpose) with an 'OOH~', and finally finishing the movie.

Nonetheless, the accents are pleasant to the ear!

3) PHD The Movie

Shared a login account worth USD10 with Sivadev and CK to download the movie, and our common point: the movie is too short!

I shared it with a friend who is in the 'normal' world to make her understand 'our' world. Her conclusion: she cna more or less understand what is like to be a PhD student, how do we live our life now, the stress, and most important thing: Do Not Ask Rude Questions!

For us who read through the comic strips, the movie is good, but somewhat lacks this and that, here and there. Tajel's screen appearance is too short, as well as Mike's, (and his look is not even close to the one in the comic); Cecillia is a little 'plus-sized' (although she does look pretty).

However, for a budget movie (or so I assume), this is not bad.

4) Monga 艋舺


这部电影完完全全是个黑道的电影:打架,吵架,飚臭话 etc etc 统统都到齐了。


电影一开始,赵又廷被人打,他打人,他们一伙飙车,打架,结拜太子帮,打架,开会,暧昧,杀人,上山,打架,下山,暧昧,内奸,打打杀杀... ... ...





TmLuv said…
I particularly like your own POV on the 'Dark Shadows'. Make me 失笑~
And for'PHD The Movie', glad to be mention again~^^

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