Manners in Public

Since young, we (us Lim sisters) were aware that there's no point of arguing and throwing tantrums, typically in public, because our parents would just leave us there and mind their own business (Well that's what my mom told me, and I believed her because she's my mother).

Here, the point of this post is because ahem... I want to brag about my good manners in public.

Last Saturday, there was a 文娱晚会 'Cultural Night (?)' at Kangar Buddhist Society, a friend and I went there after dinner.

By the time we arrived, the show has began with few singings. We settled down at the stands for the rest of the show, and there's when our nightmare began.

Around us were groups of youngsters, most likely Unimapian, sitting in front, behind, left and right of us. When the show started, the crowd was still in their solemn silence mode; but when one of their friend* performed, they went crazy from then on til the end!!

The crowd was super noisy!! I noticed some of the elder groups at the other side of the stands were contributing in the noise pollution, but the youngsters' group wasn't too far behind them. My ears and brain were screaming in agony because they had to work harder in segmenting the too-loud speaker volume and the spectators' noise. My whole body was shivering, asking me to leave this noisy place ASAP! The MC even had to ask politely for the audience 'TO SHUT THE F UP' but no one seemed to bother.

For goodness sake, it's not just any other place, that is a religious place and those are members of the Buddhist Society! Even I who never was a member of Buddhist Society myself would have know to respect the performers and the audience and the place! It's not like an open concert or something!! Where is your manners!? What is wrong with these people!? I am even more ashamed that the UniMapians do not know about manners in public...

All that high decibels continued until 10+ when the show was finally over (the 'noisy' UniMapian's dance performance was the last) and I quickly fled the scene.


I admit I do have times when I raise my volume, act rudely and inappropriately in public, but judging from the night, I must say I have so so much better manners than them.

*I know this fellow through FB, he is in the Buddhist group and he added me. No harm, I approved his request. The reason of him adding me is because he wants to further study and to ask me about the MSc/PhD thingy that I was into, as his lecturer mentioned my name (OMG the news of me passed the viva until other schools also know!?). I 'assumed' that his pointer might be Second Upper or something (it means he does not qualify for PhD directly and need a MSc/PhD instead). After a lengthy explanation, I asked what's his pointer, and he said:"3.8+, so does this mean I can go to PhD directly?", my eyes rolled immediately and talking-to-the-screen-ly asked him to go to hell . My goodness, none of your lecturers can consult you on this matter?? With 3.8+ you can even go to those local 'PRESTIGE' universities for a direct PhD!!

I am such a bad tempered person... *反省-ing*

FYI, I unfriend-ed him btw since we did not greet each other that night.


TmLuv said…
My apology for bringing u there~

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