Jack-sitting + Uber & Thomas Cup

Theresa was away for a trip, so I was 'in-charge' of Jack-sitting. Theresa sms-ed me about Jack's depression when they were leaving the house, so me, the comforter, to the rescue after I finished my furbrats' stuff.

(Oh, btw, lil Moz suffered a minor diarrhea few days back, causing the foul-smelling bedding and it's totally unpleasant, but luckily he was all good after a day of mushy poos)
Jack is always a darling. He got all excited and jumping and running around the place when I came. I brought along my cross stitch kit to spare the time. No laptop this time since the screen was faulty and there's no way I brought along the monitor and stuff. Too troublesome!

Although it's a free-and-easy weekend, but there's still a challenge for me.
Morning: wake up at 8am to let Jack out for pee-pee time; brush teeth wash face; back home to settle the furbrats' meal and bedding cleaning; back to KP for Jack.
Evening: let Jack out for pee-pee time (if applicable); back home to settle the furbrats' meal and bedding cleaning; back to KP for Jack.

I timed myself in settling the furbrats' stuff. Minus the carry-them-out-of-cage-and-shout-'Yikes why r u so cute!!'-while-kissing-them time, it takes around 15 minutes from taking the veggie out, cleaning the bedding, preparing the veggie and serving. It's impossible to bring them over because things can get out of control.

Anyway, there's always good thing happen while I Jack-sit. This time, Thomas and Uber Cup!!

Although the result is predictable, I watched the matches for technical purposes. A friend came over to watch the match as her house's electricity was out. We play badminton together, so we discussed a lot about how they move around in court, how they tackle the shuttle, especially when it comes to double game.

I found some funny situation too. Before each match, there would be details of the player, such as world ranking, career win-loss, and the score of the matches played; After each match, there would be a summary of it such as 'serve high', 'serve low', 'service error' etc.

Of course, super professional players have zero service error, mostly. In the 'score of matches played', some players have like 21-5, 21-2...


We can easily give the opposition free 3-4 points from the service errors itself! LOL!


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