Chai Ching's Birthday + Steamboat

It was Chai Ching's birthday last Sunday in conjuction with the ‘三八’妇女节。Here, they celebrated this day as a serious business. Some large deparmental stores or shops will have a team of women parade-ing along the sideway, 敲锣and打鼓,to attract customers. In this day too, there were a lot of shops having the discounts and promotions for the ladies, to dig a HUGE hole in each and every women's purse. Haha.

We dated 刘靖 to shop at Carrefour, stopped by a KFC outside Carrefour to have our lunch.

They have this very yummy purple potato Portugese tart selling here!

It is srsly delicous! But then hor, quite expensive too. RMB5.50 per tart, RMB28 per box(6 pcs). At least for me it can consider as expensive lah, not converting the currency etc

We had this Old Beijing Twister (老北京鸡肉卷) too with hot orange juice and fries. RMB21.30 per set.

刘靖and I used a very lame and crappy reason to sneak out to search for cakes. Well, luckily that girl was borned in this day, so, we bought her cake with a 20% discount! Haha!

The KFC staff who helped us to clean up later on also said the same thing. Haha.

Last night, 靖,晶 and I went out to have steamboat dinner! Wing didn't go coz she was full already, and poor JuJu was still suffering with her ulser. It was rare that we would go out at night, of that poor weather and the cold temperature. Oh btw, yesterday evening's weather aint that good already, it was cloudy and dark, the sun was nowhere to be seen.

The moment when we went out, the snow started to fall! Yay! Ever since we came here, we never meet a snow fall this big! We were so excited! Plus, the weather didn't get much worse either. Not too cold, but it's snowing! How cold is that!!

The steamboat shop is just around the school's corner. (Forgot to take the shop's picture wtf +.+) It sells this 2-in-1 steamboat aka 鸳鸯火锅.

The red part might seem spicy and oily, and it IS spicy, but not oily at all. Really. They charged every stick for RMB0.40. Well, it might seem cheap, and it is quite cheap. They are very geng business people too. They use 2-3 sticks for some food like fishballs and sotong, and the most slap-forehead part is the watermelon, 5 sticks per watermelon!? That means one piece of the pathetic watermelon costs us RMB2 already. *Adui*

Anyway, despite this beh-tahan part, the food was good. The soup and everything. To add up the romantic scene, when we were having our great meal with the hot steamboat inside the shop, outside, the snowing was getting heavier and heavier, it almost like raining. Well, it just like the scene where you can see in the Korean or Japanese dramas, where two couple romantic-ing in the shop, and through the window, they see snows. It just perfect.

We ended up eating 125 sticks of food. It costs us RMB60.

On our way back to school, the snow flakes were smaller but faster, it was really like raining, just that it's not rain but snow. In the night, few numbers of vehicles on the road, the pedestrians were few, and the snow was white-ly clean! It feels so good when you step on a snow-white snow =)

It feels even good to see how white and clean the school is, covering with a layer of snow =)


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