Urumqi, Xin Jiang


I not sure if anyone out there misses me, but I sure miss everybody!!!

First of all...

p/s: I think I am so used to write an 'open' blog, so even I'm writing a personal diary for myself, I was still using the method as if I am telling a story instead of recording my own activities. Chez~

I am finally at Urumqi city, Xin Jiang province of China for a week++! Oh gosh how much I miss home and Malaysia's food!

To cut the whole week's story short, we were all alone from KL to Urumqi, without anyone tour-guiding or assist or anything. But who cares lah, we all grown up adults mah! The air stewards had nothing much for me to comment, but the stewardesses are hot! hot! hot! Anyway, the plane food suxx.

Two teachers, 马老师 and 赵老师 picked us up at the airport.

The weather when we arrived at Urumqi was -10 degree celcius. Freezing cold I tell ya!!

To cut the story even shorter, I let the pictures tell the story la hah~

Dad, Er Jie, Lim Tino and her susu, and LCC bid farewell with me at the airport. I was shocked I didn't burst into tears or watsoever. GoGo~

Four of us

Well, the first impression Urumqi city gave me was:"How come here look so much like North Korea one?" Not to blame me, the buildings here look abit like torn down and old, and... Hmm... I oso don hv any idea how to descride it.

This is my place I'm staying.

We are staying at the teachers' apartment, so it has attached toilet, kitchen and 2 rooms. The students' hostel is abit pathetic, their bathroom is located at the other side of a block, so it's srsly not convenient for them to take a bath.

This is my room. I shared the room with Poh Choo.

The toilet.

(Yes. We bath here too.)

And the kitchen.

The electricity here is not so good too. They use the old style pull string method for the light, and their power socket dont have any on/off button.

If I let this for En. Yusoff to see, he sure can list out whole list of safety standards needed to obey by the China people.

This is the attire I need to wear everyday when I want to go out from the house.
I need to cover my face with the scaf too because the cold wind can easily freeze my face. Chez~

I will talk about the food at the next post.

On the first Sunday here, the person-in-charge 范主任 and 张文瑜老师 assigned a student called 刘靖 to be our tour guide, going around Urumqi city. She is a supremely good debater! She helped us cutting the price for shoes, bags and clothes from RMB 200 to RMB 50-60!! (But anyway, according to her, that's how the people here do all the time).

Here, you can find alot of places similar to the one you can see in KL. Eg, the place for us to shop for clothes and stuffs called 小西门,the shops there look almost like Sungei Wang. There's places selling electronics stuffs etc (I not sure about the name), look just like lowyat. And ofcoz, not to miss out, here, you can find shopping malls like Pavilion, Gardens, KLCC etc! So, you can never believe it until you really see it yourselves.

刘靖brought us to a park called Hong Shan (红山公园).

This trip was supremely 刺激 because it still snowing and the temperature was around -14.

There is this one long staircase for us to climb up to the top-est part of the park.

This is exhausting enuff, the winter even add up the level of exhaustion.

However, the tiredness is worthy. The view is superb!

This is the statue of 林则徐.

He was the hero in combating the west during the opium war.

After that, of course, we needed to go down again.

In most of the pictures, you might not see me smiling because...

I'm a ninja!

This is the part where we put our winter clothes together, because we dont have a rack.

And this is the 败家 part... I found my beloved!

...and it's selling quite cheap here.

Please enjoy the video to get the overall images =)

I miss home =(


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