Something Random

In China, when someone is praising you or saying something good about you, 'Thank you' is not an appropriate answer, instead, you should say '哪里哪里'. For example:

China people: 你的汉语说得很好。 / 你的汉字写得很好。
Me: 谢谢哪里哪里 =)

We encountered a lot of situations regarding this matter. Not only the students, even the teachers feel funny about our respond. Well, they might think Malaysians are very hao lian and not being humble kot. We still learning our lesson.

Well, just now when I was doing my BIG business in the loo, this thing came across my mind. If a China people praising me in Mandarin, I should say '哪里哪里'. What if he/she praising me using English?

China people: Your mandarin is very good.
Me: Where Where =)


After I finished my business, I shared my lame joke with Poh Choo. Apparently, not only she found the joke is super lame, the most beh-tahan part is that I shared this thing with her hot-n-fresh from the loo. Haha!


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