Silk Road International Ski Resort

Today, 马主任 and 范主任 organized an outing - to Silk Road International Ski Resort.

There's 11 adults and 1 child in this group. We went there by 面包车 aka Naza-Ria type of car. (they call it bread car as it looks like bread =.=)

The journey to the venue was torturing. Bumpy and uneven road, it got worse plus my aint-so-good condition (I had a diarrhea last night). I was so afraid I was gonna puke, and luckily I didn't.

The adults couldn't remember the route, so we went through a huge round of road, passing through few small villages, took us about 2 hours to reach the destination. Argh! But the scenery is splendid!

Finally, we arrived the place at around 1pm. Actually from the outside, it's hard for us to see what's going on inside the ski resort.

This is what we saw first, when entering the ski zone.

They have sled Husky!

Husky is always the awesome, handsome and cool dog. The fur is great! And they don't bite! How cool is that~

When I first saw people skiing around the place, I got excited! Too bad, the charge is too expensive, they not gonna ski. Argh what a 遗憾!!!

So, I ended up riding a horse to the mountain peak. Errr, not so peak actually, it's just a going-up-hill route.

Jerry and I on the horse

After we went down hill, we went to our next activity - 滑雪圈. (forgot what's the english term for that +.+)

It was awesome! The sliding place are steep enough, plus they have several routes for us to slide - the less bumpy part and the more bumpy part. I tried 3 different tricks and 3 different slides. The first one was ok, as I slide alone on the less bumpy route. The second and third one were awesome! I tried 2 buoy tied together, and two person (Jerry and I) sliding downhill, then tried again 2 buoy tied together, and 3 person (Ching, Wing and I) slide downhill! Haha that was awesome! More people will generate greater momentum, thus the slide will become faster!

After that, we went for a lunch, then went back to school.

Random pictar time:

I have a sin...

Totally baigarlui argh!


tino said…
li ma song ma....ride horse ka cui wu tia oh??

xinjiang a food masi jia je...jia a liao??
*Nee* said…
ka cui ok, tapi knee tia oh... jin jia 'yi han' boh ski!! argh!!

one portion jin jia dua + jer, wu si bok mia jee loh. wu leh beh pai, wu leh tok leh terimo
Licici said…
huski very ham isap one!!
'sNatasha.M' said…
ni hao ma....?

seem cool in china? how hv u been doing...? ski ey?

jeles maaa....

miss u =)
*Nee* said…
kenot ski lah... the snow is melting now :(

seems like u having good time in Aalen too ;p take care my friend
licici said…
beli satu

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