Shui Mo Gou (水磨沟) + Karaoke


1. Last Tuesday, we went to 水磨沟 (Shui Mo Gou) with the first year Tourism students.

It is a park and/or garden, with trees and temple and statues and stream etc. It's not really an appropriate time to go right now, as the trees are still yellowish-ly dull and no leaves, the grass is yellowish-ly dry, and the road is wet due to the melting snow. All that means: The park/garden aint that beautiful lah~

Anyway, the leaves-less trees are a perfect scene for me to act ghost.

There is one temple at the middle part of the mountain. For the first time in the month, I get the chance to 拜拜. However, I have no small changes, so I cannot give any 香油钱 to the temple.

In front of the temple is a stream with a lot of golden, yellow and orange baby koi!

Then we headed back to school by bus. It is almost 10++ stops before we can reach school.

2. Last Thursday, we had our first Karaoke session with 刘靖.

The Karaoke we went to is called 卡拉拉. Unlike Redbox and Neway in Malaysia, they don't charge per head here. Instead, they charge per room and per hour. BUT, for different sizes of rooms (There are big, medium and small rooms), there's minimum expenses (最低消费) for each room, for drinks and food (They don't have any tid-bits and crackers serving in the room). For us, the minimum expenses is RMB40 as we picked the medium room. The food and drinks, as usual, are srsly over-priced.

The best part comes. During weekdays, we can enjoy discounts. The discounts aint like any other discount. Their policy is "几点开始唱,打几折". It means, what time you start to sing, you get the discount on that time. OMG sounds blur!

For instance, when you start to sing at 1pm, the discount you can have is 一折 aka 90%; at 2pm, it will be 两折 aka 80% etc etc etc...

We registered at 1pm, and we sang for 3 hours, so, the charge is RMB54 per room.

RMB44 minimum expenses + RMB10 3 hours singing = RMB54 / 5 ppl = RMB11 per person

Cheap tak?

Anyway, of course the sound system etc aint that good like the ones in Redbox and Neway, but for this price, Boleh tahan lah~ Summore, the songs are more or less the same.

p/s: Before we went to sing, we had our lunch at a beef noodles shop beside the Karaoke. I accidently spilt my hot tea and kena my left hand. Goodness that was hurt! My left hand instancely turned into reddish color, so our newly-promoted doctor Poh Choo suggested that I should try applying vinegar on my hand, and it really works!

Random story time:

My hands (or to be precise, my fingers) 脱皮!


I tried to apply lotion and moisturiser, failed. Nivea Visage talak guna! The condition is quite terrible, some of the skin actually mengelupas on the previos skin that just mengelupas! I can imagine how thin my fingers' skin are right now, luckily it never 'upgrade' to more serious trouble: sensitive skin or allergic reaction.


After having our steamboat yesterday, it suddenly become better! Or maybe there's no more skin to mengelupas, so it can only stop loh. I tried apply vitamin E oil on it, hope it gets better lah~

The weather is getting warmer now, they already take down the big heavy curtain on main entrances or doors. It means: Spring is coming! =)


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