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Friends who know me well, know that I always craving for food, and I am a food maniac, and I always hungry.

Now, in XJ, things don't go any better or any worse.

Just scared of starving myself, there's a lot of food in front of me. Most of them are listed in 'JUNK FOOD' list.

One of the favourite drinks of XJ people is yogurt drinks. Unlike the ones sold in Malaysia, yogurt drinks here are much more tastier and thicker, and it is good to drink after meal, it helps the digestion. However, there's none in the picture, I didn't buy any recently -____-

As you can see, you might find this series of drinks quite familiar, as it is quite similar to the drinks sold in Malaysia. Well, it is, and it isn't.

Few years back, a friend who went to Beijing for business trip told me that he couldn't find 100 plus or any similar drinks at Beijing. Well, that shocked me, and it still shocked me now. Luckily I don't catch a cold or fever or anything like that, or else what should I drink ah!?

This kind of drinks are quite niamah expensive here. The cheapest is the tallest one at the most left, 1L blackcurrant juice, RMB1.99, bought in Parkson; and the expensive-st is the shortest in the middle of the line, 445ml Lemon juice, RMB5, bought at a shop at school's door. It is juicy, but expensive loh~

Next, about drinks too, the 3-in-1 drinks sold here is 'kinda' weird too. For me, the 3-in-1 here is so different from the 3-in-1 that I can find in Malaysia. For instance...

Let's see the lower row first.

The most left is MILK. Here, they don't really heng selling milk in boxes, instead, they sell in packet. (There are milks selling in boxes, but niamah-ly expensive!) This makes me really miss dutch lady. That milk (peanut flavour) was bought in pasar pagi, RMB1.20 per packet, market price is RMB1.50.

Beside it, there's a series of colorful packing milk tea that I heart so much so far. Anyway, they don't sell in one big packet, instead, they sell seperately. Each tiny small packet costs RMB1, or sometimes you can find RMB0.90 in some supermarket, the cheapeast I've seen is RMB0.88 in Parkson. Milk tea here smells really good, sweet enough and yummy. The heartache part is it costs quite a lot if you buy a lot of them. I never ask for price in bulk. Haiz~

The big packet at the back row is the 3-in1 I bought here. They have a lot of this kind of 3-in-1 here. Black sesame lah, 莲子羹 lah, chicken porridge lah, soya lah etc. And it's not that cheap too. I bought this one about RMB16, with 20 packets in it. The packet is like the ones at the most right at the lower row: In transparent plastic! Looks +.+

I bought honey too. Try to practice to drink honey for my own good (1 glass per day).

The milo was brought from Malaysia. We can find Nestle products here too! But it is so niamah-ly expensive. Until today, I haven't had one glass of nescafe yet :( Even the milo is expensive!

A student's life can hardly get rid of instant noodles. Therefore,

As XJ is a muslim region, most of the instant noodles sold here is HALAL, and the ingredient is mostly beef. The noodles in the picture are non-beef flavour. The size of the noodles are quite big too, almost 1.5 times than the one in Malaysia. I finished the maggi I brought from Malaysia, so can't do size comparation.

Same like the milk tea, they sell seperately. There are noodles selling in 5-packet-per-pack too, but they don't have the flavour I want. The price range is between RMB1.50 - RMB3. The top two packets are RMB2 (the green one really nice! Haven't try the pink one yet), and the white one is RMB2.70 (It's mee suah, newly bought yesterday).

Last one, of course junk food.

Honestly, I hardly buy snacks here. One of the main reason is that, EXPENSIVE. They have don't those 20-small-packets-in-one kind of snacks here like Cheezels, Twisties and Mamee. For one medium size of snacks, it's about RMB3-4. This one is quite good, RMB4.10 for 5, but hor, the packaging is 膨化, so when you cut open, the packet will kempis and the snacks don't even enough for me to 塞牙缝. I once bought a cheap snacks, quite big packet, but I didn't even finish half as the snacks were chao hui dah =.="

That's all so far.


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