Last night, we had a dinner with sekalian 主任们. The time was at 7.30pm.

When we waited for 范主任, we were joking about the venue as he didn't tell me anything about the place to eat earlier. What we had in mind were:"Will it be only at canteen!?","Do we have to walk only?","Do we have to go there by car?","What if he just say 走!?"... ... ...

When he finally arrived, there's no car, no other people, just him alone, and he really said 走!! =.=" Summore, he added up:"It's really near, just a walking distance. Why you guys taking bags and stuffs?" Oh No not again??

Of course 人家 not that cruel lah... The venue was at here (see the figures below).

As people said, XJ people is very 豪迈 and 大气, so they like to order a list of foods to full up the whole table, drink alcohols, then when they are full, just sweep the ass and cabut, regardless how much the leftovers are. =.=" Really Bad attitude

There were 9 people attending this dinner: four of us, 范主任 and his wife, 马主任 and his wife, and 周主任. We never thought this dinner would be THIS formal. All these big people scared us a lil, we tried our best to behave ourselves, so no pictures of the full table of food and stuffs. =(

马主任 brought 2 drinks: 52.8% alcohol 新疆白酒 (XJ white wine) and a bottle of fruit juice. They asked us to try the white wine, we just dare to drink a little, and OMG it was 52+% of alcohol feel! Yak!!! But the smell is good.

They ordered about 15 dishes of food, terrible anot?? I think most of the foods were swept by us, as the guys were drinking and chatting, and the ladies ate not so much. There's something good (and sometimes turns out to be bad as well, like this time) in Malaysians' attitude about food: We don't really like to waste food. I tried really hard to stuck every food inside my mouth, so that the leftovers wont be THAT much. Anyway, everyone has a limit too, so, I really surrendered in the end, although we just able to finish 1/3 table of food. Can't even finish the fruit! +.+ Aiya XJ people~

There's a lot of Q&A session between us and the adults, generally about Malaysia and XJ. They suggested a ice-skiing outing activites with us within this weekend and next week, as the weather is getting warmer and the snow starts to melt already. This Sunday 10.30am we will go ice-skiing!!! YAY!!

The dinner ended at about 9.30pm. We dragged our 3-month-pregnancy stomach back to school, escorted by 范主任's wife.

Random pictah time:

The day after the heavy snow fall

My room's window view


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