The Mood Flow of a Student's Blog

It's pretty predictable of how a student's blog can turn out to be in the time being. My Third Year's life as example.

The beginning of the semester would usually starts with holiday mood overflowed and some issues over the hostel or subjects or lecturers or lecture halls or schedule or subjek wajib etc etc.
In this case, the beginning of my Third Year first semester was a worst one, where I caught into a catfight with the housemates who wanted to dominate the whole house by themselves.

When the semester has 'officially' begun, things still go as smooth and bliss as I wish it can always be this way, in terms of lectures, lecturers, lecture halls etc. Some might have trouble with their subjek wajib thing right now, but I always settle mine as quickly as possible. The problem that might surface would have nothing related to the course or the school, but with the University administration.
In this case, I was informed that I was selected in the University Student Exchange Programme, but the T&C was we had to bear all the costs ourselves excluding the flight ticket and visa. Thank goodness for my parents' support, it has been one of the best chapter in my book of life. =)

After a month or so, it comes to Mid Term break, the one-week break that all of us so looking forward to, because it represents the end of mid term tests, or maybe a half time of the tests after the break. Stories in hometown or other places exclude University will be presented.
The Mid Term break is almost the same as any other mid term break I've had.

After the Mid Term break, a stressful post would possibly surfaced by now. Tests (as I said), assignments, lab reports... ... ...

Sometimes, random things like lecturer's evaluation session....

...or a random monday blue post.

During one semester, we will have extra one-week holiday due to Hari Raya (for first semester) or Chinese New Year (for second semester).
In this case, I drove back with few friends for the Raya break.

And again, stories in hometown or other places exclude University will be surfaced again.
In this case, I celebrated my birthday in KB with my dearest friends =)

After the break, random things in Univeristy will come out again...
I involved in handling the orientation week of the international students from Xinjiang, China.

Then, not too long after that, FINAL countdown begins...

The stressful study week, sleepless nights, stories of the difficulty in answering each paper being revealed...
One of my favourite quote from one of my favourite lecturer, Prof Yusof =)

And, FINALLY, the beginning of long holiday!!

That's particularly how does a student's blog is about~ At least mine is liddat lah~

Anyway, no matter how predictable the flow of a student's blog would be, the Final Year's flow is definitely unpredictable, OR maybe predictable, because it is all about...

stress, stress and STRESS

Only now that I realized how smooth and wonderful the Third Year's life was. Sigh~

OH! btw, I just noticed that there's a serious typo error on my Dean Award certificate! Not much lah but they mistakenly Upkan my pointer by 0.04! I hope they repeat the same mistake again on my transcript later. And OH! Please remember Naikkan CGPA jugak ye... Haha! Who shall I report to about this anyway right?


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