How nice will it be...

...if I am paid to do my FYP.

Hahahaha dream on it lah dreamy girl~

I spent a compact and good day in the lab yesterday to start my first ever data acquisition procedures for subjects, I mean the subjects for the analysis and thingy. Before this, all I have done is just adjusting the setup and making myself the subject, which is quite inaccurate, AND, problems arose during the shooting. Damn~

Anyway, the shooting was quite ok, some problems need to be settled on the layout plan again. It's just so hard to find the better enough layout. Haih~

Yesterday's shooting was fun. My subjects are the 4 technician boys in our lab. I've already known and friend with the elder two, I just get to know the newer boys during the day, and they are funneh! =) and noisy =.=

I couldn't shout at them to be serious, because they are not my 'friends'. Luckily there's someone else there who can do the job for me. Haha!

^Abang Anuar, one of my subject. The quiet-er and serious-er one.

The ceiling of the lab was rather low still, so there's limitation on doing a good stroke. Sigh~ I must finish every shooting by end of this semester, because according to plan, we are to move to the new building at Muhibbah, that's mean = lower ceiling. Argh!!!

Random pictah time:

^ My food corner.

The table is full with books, laptop and printers, so the food can only put on the floor.

^My new supplement. Hope it works

Last night, Hidayah cooked spageti. Her tomato puree was really nice! My stomach was happy after a long tiring day v(^.^)v

^My housemate's portion

^....and mine ^^

Super full until cannot move... =.=


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