A Big Waste of Time

Today is supposed to be my busiest day in a week, not that I like it but at least I feel satisfied as I managed to attend every lecture classes in this single day although it is tiring and exhausted.

What I don't like the most is that I came to class, but the lecturer doesn't show up, at least with an sms or message saying he/she is not coming, or the worst part, not even give a word for his absent.

There is supposed to be a sit-in-assignment session at 8am, I came, but the Doctor didn't show up. Nevermind.

There is supposed to be Hubungan Etnik class at 11am. I came, but the lecturer didn't show up. He said he has to attend to Datuk K. Fine.

One whole morning! I wasted one whole morning!

If only I knew this is happening, I would just bring my gears and started my data acquisition on subjects already! Jilakat betul...

Fine lo~ Use this time to finish up Lab 5 Modeling... Haih...


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