Happy 25th Birthday Huey Nee

It was another day in University. Yet, it was filled with blissfulness.

I received birthday wishes from sms and Facebook message since two days before the actual day. When the clock struck 12 o' clock in the midnight on 4th October 2009, my housemates stuck themselves at the door to give me a loud and clear birthday wish , yet I was outside washing my face and brushing my teeth, everything was clearly seen through the window.
First thing in the morning, I checked my Facebook wall to see who dropped by for a birthday wishes (What? Attention whore you say? I am and I know thank you).

And I was surprised by this, a video directed by my younger sister Lim Tino, starring Lim papa, Lim mama, Lim Da Jie and Lim Er Jie. They went back for Mid Autumn Festival, thanks to the cheap-yet-suck AA flight. When I watched the video, I felt so eagerly want to go home lah =(

The day was spent with assignments, tutorials etc. And a super damn hot weather. Boring.

Later that day, Adik and I went to my FYP foster-father, En Shahril's open house. As we only had laksa and lontong, we stopped by Repoh Kopitiam for second round. Thanks for the treat Adik =)

^ My Chicken Grill ^^

On Thursday, As made me Kek Batik. =) It's made of stacked-up bread with layers and layers chocolates and chocolate chips! It's nice but too sweet, after 3-4 pieces, it's enough for me.

^Look choc-y, but nice =)

I went back to KB after eating the home-made Kek Batik to attend Shi Yun's wedding dinner. I finally get to eat the 'imaginary' cake yay!

My camera was in low battery and low capacity due to the 'meeting recording', therefore I didn't take any pictures beside the one with Shi Yun's camera =.=

Dad tapao belut for me! ^^

^ The awful-look-but-superb belut!

Thanks to everyone who remembers my birthday! Thanks to your wishes!


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