What tortures you the most?

Episode 5 - Sleepless Nights
(I never think about global warming though @.@)

1. Sleepless night at 2am
2. Test on the day time + 1 assignment & 2 lab reports & 1 FYP progress report to be submitted on day after tomorrow
3. Suddenly have an idea for the assignment or reports

Good thing for me is: It happens concurrently!

I was trying to sleep early tonight as I slept late last night (because of the same damn reason!) I tried so hard to clear my brain, for not to think about anything other than sleep, instead I thought even more things!! Worst and torturous part is, this HUGE light bulb suddenly blinking on my head! Because the smartass ME suddenly figured an idea for the assignment we have to submit on Friday...

*~Then I think to myself... What a sleeeepleeesss night...Oh yeah...~*

Really need to install a switch off button for my brain liao!

BONUS =) :

Episode 4 - Counting Sheep

Episode 3 - Cupcakes and Twinkies

tis ish jusht kiut! -via-


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