I haz Happy Tree Housemates

As in one of my previous post, I talked about these housemates who are and have friends who are always so happy, and their laugh is just endless.

I mean, really truly endlessssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

I feel so sad sometimes. As my room window is right next to the back door, I would sigh as hard as I could when I see some of their friends walking to our house and enter our house while slamming the door as hard as they can because it is quite hard to open and close.

Nice manner hor? Slamming neighbor's door.

Sometimes, one of the worse scenarios would be, the friends didn't intend to come in, instead, they just shout at their friends aka my housemates' window (btw, their room's window facing the back of the house), talking and laughing as if they are in their own sweet little world, don't know how to control their volume AT ALL.

Nice manner hor?

In the beginning of this semester, they didn't really know how to behave properly lo. Their active time would be around 1-2am, which before that it's dead silent, but once the clock strikes midnight, eventually, the cinderellas would chit chat and laaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuugh endlessly. I mean, really endlessly, and I think they installed loud speakers and large bass in their throat to actually have this kind of loud volume. Worst, without any consideration of other people either. Before they finally and successfully woke me up and forced me to yell at them to shut the fuck up, it happened about 5-6 times already that I just @.@ly sleep through it. CAN YOU IMAGINE!?

Nice manner hor?? Seriously irritated lah!

Exactly in front of my room window is the sink where we wash dishes and clothes, it sometimes can be a horrible disaster to me too. I don't mind lah being waken up by the sound of brushes brushing the clothes or the splashing water, BUT HOR, if you want to talk with your friends at 8am, can you please be a little sensitive about your surrounding, for example, someone is sleeping behind the window!?!? If that person you talking to is stading right IN FRONT of you, you DON'T HAVE TO YELL lah~

Sometimes I quite doubt about their hearing ability lah. Maybe because they are all deaf oor have some hearing difficulty, that's why of the volume problems.

I feel embarrased too, as they are all ex-poli students. Please lah, I thought we are the seasoned batch, behave seasoned-ly abit lah will you? Buat malu satu kampung je......

I wish for world peace
finger crossed


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