Puasa and Raya

The title sounds so much like I'm the one celebrating too... Haha~

Being the only chinese in the 8-occupants-hostel, and ratio of 56:4 (Malay:Chinese) in my class, and spending three years time in Politeknik with Malays around me, these two period of time is not a stranger to me.

As last last semester I was staying alone with 6 others 'strangers', this year, I got to feel the Fasting Month atmosphere again as my ex-and-now-present housemates love to sit on the floor in circle, putting foods and drinks in the middle and EAT! Well I didn't fast but I joined anyway. Plus, can you believe that I actually ate bread in front of my lecturer in the lab at 3.30pm during one of those fasting days? I had a busy day and I didn't have time for lunch, so that's my only option. Haha~

During the food hunting time in Bazaar Ramadhan and displaying of own food while waiting for the fast breaking time, I would compare my food with my friends' food, as shown in previous post.

During one of the weekends, we were so stressed out we ran away from Perlis for a weekend getaway in Sungai Petani and Penang.

^Just look at the Roti John sold in SP Bazaar Ramadhan!! It's longer than my forearm!! My radius and ulna feel so sad but I was happy because it tastes good!

^The SP Clock Tower

After one full month of fasting, finally it came to Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration. Luckily this year the traffic congestion in KB was not as terrible as last year's, but due to the masive change on traffic route in town = more drivers get confused about the traffic (confused drivers = unnecessary traffic jams!), so I closed myself in the cosy house accompanying my laptop and Astro! ^^

I was invited to Asmarida's house on the first day of Raya. She cooked nice Nasi Dagang I tell you!

^Nasi Dagang serves up!

It was actually my first Raya visit to a friend's house. Haha! Is it?

On the next week which was on my birthday too, my FYP foster-father Encik Shahril invited us to his open house at Arau. He served us with his wedding pictures before the food.

About the foster-father thing, I actually thought about that on that particular day too. My FYP topic is actually En YB's, but as his 'FYP students' quota was full during the time, I was given to En Shahril as foster child to be taken care of... I ain't complaining, both of them are good guides!

He served Laksa and Lontong. Nice ^^ I refilled the Laksa twice (apart from that, because I was hungry and I always do, I know)

^Nice Laksa

As in the previous birthday post said, we (actually was me) hadn't have enough, so we went to our second round at Repoh Kopitiam.

That was basically what happened during the last fasting month and last Raya celebration I had in Universiti Malaysia Perlis.

Random pictah time in Uni and KB home:

1. Sarcastic-nyerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr~ Hahaha!!

^Read the title

Honestly speaking, this has been a really big problem for us the students, because literally, the students' life lies on lecture notes, and the lecturers don't seem like knowing how to upload the notes to the University Portal. While I was wondering 'don't they have some kind of manuals or something to guide them?', this appeared. Perli nampak? Wuuu~ :p

2. I am so damn good in making things a mess. Let me show you the picture to prove that fact. Spot the difference! ^^

Picture on top: Adik's effort on making my bed

Picture below: A day after, MY effort: after coming back from classes, buying dinner, and folding the clothes.

Told you

3. One day, after a super-heavy-kucing-dan-anjing level of raining, mum went out from the house. Within five seconds, she shouted to me:"Nee!! Come out!!! Quick quick!!" and imagine, her tone was like someone was snatching her handbag or she witnessed an accident right in front of her.

When I ran out anxiously, she pointed to the sky, "SEE~"


Within five seconds again, I ran back into the house. She said in disappointment:"Why? Don't you like it? It's beautiful~ Is that enough for you?" Nee:"want to grab camera lah~~~"

*Snap snap*

Who doesn't like rainbow you tell me???

4. I bought something for myself ^^

A new water heater in da house! No need to boil water using the big boil already~

The blue shoe is comfy and cute! And it's only RM19.90! At first when I tried it at home, the shoe size was like smaller than my feet and my bone felt tight, however, after one whole night wearing it to Shi Yun's wedding dinner, it suits me well =)

And, regarding the formal lady-ish beige shoe, I don't really know what was I thinking about when buying it. Maybe because it's 50% off? Maybe because the BIG sign saying 'Buy 1 Free 1'? Or maybe because I need to prepare myself a pair of nice formal shoes for interviews and presentations awaiting me in the final year final semester? I don't know lol! It costs RM23!

I have not been shopping for shoes in ages already! (besides the two pair of slippers I bought in Guangzhou few months back) So, two pairs are good enough for me.

5. Just some random picture of...

^Coco Lim and Huey Nee Lim

I think she was staring at the blinking light (I set the camera in self-timer mode), therefore the look-at-camera sight. Haha!


su natasha said…
ur dog soo sooo sooo cutteee cuteee... hehhee.. even got the family name... hahhahaa...

nice shoees anyway.. i don't think u were it to class, or do u? =)
*Nee* said…
And she's the road bully around our housing area too Haha!

Not yet... waiting for good timing :p

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