Sport I Love

^Left: Apacs EdgeSaber 9, 1 month old
Right: Impact n-tech TI 38K, 3 years old

^Yonex tak-tau-apa-model, 2 years old

Had a great game with the technicians and staffs and my foster father En. Shahril today :)

I've finally had a chance to try out my newly purchased Apacs ES9. Performance quite ok, can do baseline stroke without much power consumed, but the YangYang grip is a little too slippery and thin, and my palm sweat a lot. So might consider changing a new grip instead, Fisher maybe? Hmm... Anyway, I'm happy with the new racket :) The RM100 deal is worthy~!

I thought ES9 is a super light racket, surprisingly, the Impact seems to be lighter than Apacs. Hmm.. Then good lo, now I have different rackets with differect specs. Yay!

Random pictah time:

^RM7 lunch. O.M.G. What was I thinking when I decided to take the whole roasted chicken thigh with the butt instead of just half of it???

^Doing mask with cotton pad and egg white. Hidayah was in-charge.


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