Leaving Home

I will leave KB tomorrow to Perlis (Sien-ness OverLoad), along with a friend - will pick him up at Pasir Mas.

Gah I hate this feeling of leaving home! So contrast to my feeling few years back when I was so eagerly to leave home. I'm so so sorry mum!! And now, I wish I can stay at home forever.

Few days back I had this 'private' conversation thing with mum at the dining table. (PS: we have this kind of talks quite frequently at home lately since grannie stays with us. It's OK if you wanna say I'm disobedient but it's a way for us to release stress.) I told mum a statement:"I'm not even leave home yet, but I'm homesick already.' And she laughed! -_____________-

We went for some grocery shopping last night after a buffet style wedding dinner. It was quite fun to shop with mum because 1. She pays; 2. I get to take anything I want from the store, and of course, from home.

Even if I have a long list of stuffs to buy, she would say:"We have some at home. No need to buy. Just take those at home." OR "There's one at home. Take that one first, mum buy another one later."

SO, I can save on the grocery shopping at home, and I don't have to worry about Monday!

First thing in the Monday morning is biochemistry class. Sound so bored~ Wonder who teaches us? Hmmmm...

Second thing about leaving home is: Packing.

My motivation is - just pack what I took back from Perlis, no extra burden, it's your final semester liao stupid. =)

Is it true that I am in final semester already? Awwww how time flies~

If there's some extra place in my car, should I bring the...

^....bolster too? But I have a pig and Mashimaro already... Hmm....

Third and the most tiring thing is: Washing DAW.

It gave me all sweat and pain, but the effect...

^Look at how shiny it is~~~~ Duh~

Random pictry (picture+story) time:

^Nasi kerabu!!!

Served with fresh sliced vegetable and budu with some fish cracker. There's a saying in Kelantan about nasi kerabu and 'kao jam': You must eat with hand! ^.^


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