Tragic Accident in KB Mall (Update)

Today, most of the national newspapers are talking about this incident.

Frankly,I would say, the cause of accident suggested by the police officers were quite unreasonable. Why blame the building structures in fact it looked more like a human's fault?

Why I say so? Let's look at the diagram below:

(Pardon the mindless drawing... =.=)

There's two parking zones in this mall: underground and rooftop. The diagram shows the bird's-eye view of the rooftop parking (just the rough idea).

The shorter rectangular block with red X on the left is where the car smashed into the 'thin' wall and plunged three stories in between the escalators, capsized.

The longer rectangular block on the right is the main entrance to enter the mall.

The yellow shading thing is the parking lots.

The arrows served as the 'parking arrows' in the parking lots where everyone is so familiar with.

The blue thing was where we parked our car.

As you can see, it is just more or less the same as the other rooftop parking zones in this country: some wall or block or something blocking in front, you have to turn left and right to go to the J1, K3, L4, B11 zones and pillars!

Even if you think the block/wall/whatever-you-wanna-call-it useless and should be removed, you will still move around it and won't crash your car towards the wall right although you were cursing it all the way?

Why does the wall so thin? Why didn't they put cement, steels, pillars etc on that wall? Come one lah policessss, I don't know about civil engineering, on how do they plan in constructing such walls in such specification etc, but dude, how can the engineers predict someone will smash the wall of a ventilation airway in the first place?

The initial assumption of the cause of the incident would make more sense: the jump start issue. Though, I have one doubts, and one assumption:

Doubt: Why would the driver want to choose that 'corridor' to jump start, instead the parking lots at the other side (the upper area) was completely empty? (Mind you, parking lot was empty on Sunday in KB because our weekends are on Fridays and Saturdays =/)

Assumption: The driver tried jump start twice. The 'corridor' should have sufficient distance for the driver to jump start, however, the first attempt failed, distance shortened, and the second time when it succeed, driver lost control, smashed the wall and fell down. Quoting from here, the car has a turbo engine, so it quite make sense that the driver pressed the oil pedal to the max, the engine suddenly started and the car lunge forward... So...

Well, this is just MY assumption and MY doubt. I didn't see what happened, how it happened, why and when. I was just happened to be in that mall and heard the loud sound that time. All we can do is wait for the further report. :/


tino said…
tia kong hile driver baru 17 hui nia...aih...bozai ai kong dene kosi hamik...
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