Tragic Accident in KB Mall

Hottest news in Town!!! (I think this news has been widely spread and circulating in KB already)

Car fell down from rooftop parking to the Ground floor!

Happened in KB Mall!!!


It happened at about 5pm. Mum and I was looking for the RM9.90 pants at the The Store Pacific's Ladies Department when we heard this loudest *BANG* sound coming from the ground floor. It was a sound like a uber huge glass or mirror crashing or something very big falling to the ground. Everyone was very very curious, and when even the staffs were rushing down to take a look (and because I heard they said something like 'car falling down!!!'), hurriedly I followed them too.

And this came to my sight!!


^Car in red circle

A yellow car fell from the rooftop parking to the ground floor! It capsized in between the escalators in front of Watson and Secret Recipe.

When I walked to the accident zone, I saw few guards were carrying out a victim, and I heard things like 'there's people under the car!!' '2 people die!' '1 people die and 1 seriously injured!' 'Wow this is crazy!!'

I was shocked and stunted, but no doubt I felt my adrenaline was rushing in my body because I felt excited! =/

After watching for few minutes, mum and I decided to leave the mall to prevent jam and to see where is the initial accident zone (we parked our car on the rooftop parking)

I don't even know how to describe the place. It is like a random 'extra' roof pooping out from the roof, not a parking lot, not a way to go through, just nothing!

Google now and you will get a lot of links regarding this tragic incident.

Two casualties were reported - trainee nurses Siti Nuramira Shamsuddin, 19, and Siti Nurdiana Azman, 18 from Masterskill College. RIP.

BTW, the reason 'the car broke down -- people push the car to jump start -- after engine hidup driver lost control -- rammed into the wall -- pom pom pang pang fall down to ground floor -- pinning two victims on the escalator' does make sense. But, there's still many doubts and questions about the real story behind this accident. Just wait for the news lah~

And I can't get that loud sound out of my head :( sangat men-che kia-kan


Marrzie Anna said…
wow!!! can't describe what would I feel if I was there!!! ngeriiiiii~
Huey Nee said…
@Jas, after I came back from KB Mall, I immediately update this blog because Huey Chen wanna know about it!!

@Purple, memanggg... dengar suara je pun dah ngeriiiiii :(
Angel said…
holy shiiiiteee.. this is creepy. if it happens in front of me, of coz it would be quite exciting in a not-so-very-supposed-to-be-excited way but i just can't imagine if some car is to fall from the roof right on my head. whoa!
tino said…
bozai si kong ho cai ko bo ho cai... ho cai si beng dua escalator hipeng lo, kalu si peng dua diam ko si talok talok lang je ma ko kah cham...
bo ho cai masi...RIP...
today newspaper front page
armouris said…
elak kemalangan, jangan SMS ketika memandu! - Bahaya SMS (Ketika Memandu)
junqi said…
whuuaaaa!! huey nee!! u were there!!!!OMGGG!! u were at an fa xian changggg!!!

and i like ur post. its the most detailed i've read so far. good good :)
Huey Nee said…
@angel, I must say, I was in excited mode that time! :/ Anyway, I didn't see the car falling down though...

@tino, kalu ee si beng dua center court hibeng deh jia a si cham loh... sikong jia eh boh 'sekho'..

@junqi, Yes I WAS! Thanks for the compliment... :) Just hope I don't misguide anything...
Oh no! I just hope no one got hurt in the accident.

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