2nd International Putrajaya 12 hours Walk (complete ver.)

It was my first walk, summore 12 hours duration. This is madness! And tough one too...

Due to the hard sell promotion by Lim Er Jie, I came to PJ from KB yesterday just for this event. Haha... Sounds like very 委屈 only.... :p

As per title, the event took place in Putrajaya, or, to be more specific, the road in front of Perbadanan Putrajaya and Istana Kehakiman.

We arrived Putrajaya at about 5pm and started searching for the venue. I'm not familiar with Putrajaya, in fact, none of us in the car knew where is the event held, so we just hentam jer lah by following road signs and all... They put some notification boards along the traffic lights and roads as guidance, however, we still got lost and summore already passed by the place and none of us notice it! =.= Jialat betul...

^Palace of Justice. (And, seriously, I've never been here before...)

Anyway, we finally found the way, parked the car, went ahead for number, bib and goodies bag collection, and looked for a nice spot to set up our tent. =)

^setting up tent

^Mission accomplished.

But then later marshalls said cannot set tent on the grass and we were asked to move our tent because the grass is very expensive wor.... Nevermind I've seen and feel this kind of grassland in XJ already :p

^Excuse... Excuse...

^New spot

^With the nice grass and background view, how could we resist to take some jumping photos neh??

^Numerous bridal shots too...

^Uncle Allen, promoting Pacesetters and visited us quite frequently throughout the 12 hours. (And he was the brainwasher too... Hehe...)

^Putting on the timing chip

^All set! As Pei Yeen said 'kaki-kaki yang sempurna sebelum bertukar menjadi penguin' Haha!

^Some quite lame and funny warming up aerobic took place...

^...and us following their Indian dance routine (look at the orange shirt boy looking at us!!! XD)

Chen was a little late but made it just before the walk started.

^Us at the starting line, showing off our Quantum pendant.

The walk started sharp at 8pm. Three of us walked together at first, with Er Jie's friends walking ahead of us. Later on Chen zoomed in faster pace. Awhile later, my turn to accelerate. I thought it was a relaxing and soothing event as it was just a walking event, and I walked following the music rhythme, until about my 12nd laps, the pain came. (note: I was inexperienced with this kind of event, although I set few booth in this kind of events before when I was working with Akrab..)

My legs were in pain. My right thigh felt tensed. The back of my left knee was hurt. A small blister near my ankle. Swollen fingers and palm. squishing toes. So much of pain I had to take a short rest at my 12th laps at about 10.30pm.

Afterwards, I tried to push myself to walk again. The pain was so hard to bear I had to stop again at the 18th lap (I actually mis-counted the laps, and it was suppose to be 20th already). Few minutes later after Chen walked pass our tent, I wore back my shoes, stood up and walked again for the qualifying 20 lap and medal.

After finished the targeted mission, we chose a spot and tried to have some comfy nap. My legs were so pain, bending down and getting up were such a tough actions!!! Twist and turn, at about 5am, I couldn't get my eyes shut, I got up, took the last supper served and watched the walkers walked. Then I decided to take the challenge again and limped slowly.

When the pain was getting worse, I just called it off at 24 laps. Anyway, uncle Allen wasn't so happy about this because he said 'Young people should go for 50km!!! You come to walk... Not to sit, rest, sleep.... No..." =.=

^Spot my name! ^^

By the time the event ended, everyone was in pain and walked like penguin. XD Of course, we couldn't hold back our excitement about joining this walk, thus the following actions took place with the risk of painful censequences!!

^The risky flying kick action

^The jumping action at the start/finish line

...And some other things like...

^Personal medal giving ceremony

^YSL and LHY were trying the Transformers-shaped walkie talkie. So funny!!!

^Chen was chosen in the lucky draw and got Yeo's hamper.

We prayed hard for that.... And proof?


^I wondered what we were looking at...

^The T-shit, number and medal

As a conclusion...

I can't say I won't be doing this anymore, but if there's more companions, why not? (Although it's really painful) It's a good experience anyway...

I think I have achieved two very 'glorious' records so far:
1. HuangShan - ascended and descended the most stairs in my whole life for to two days.
2. This event - walk in longest time duration and distance and steps in my whole life.
These two events gave me wonderful experience, with painful consequences =.=


'suNatasha.M' said…
cool girl!! totally!!!

should join stuff like this, no wonder u manage to keep the belly fat away! hahahhaa...


btw, hw result? i think i probably need to congrat twice.. hehee...

Lim Huey Nee said…
Haha! Don't have to congrates la, I just managed to complete the qualifying laps only :p

Results ah... Maybe I should write another post about it? ;) How about yours?

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