Movies I watched

1. Avatar (2009)

The hottest topic in town I guess?

After Lim Tino gave me the statement that 'Avatar is N-th thumbs up!!!!!!!!!', I knew I should not miss this out. SO, since we were totally free today (It just lab sessions and haven't started yet), I 'seduced' Adik to go to Jitra for the movie. We actually wanted to watch Alvin and the chipmunks too but Jitra mall is not showing that movie. Too bad.

Indeed, the 'ooohhh' and 'Ahhhh' and 'Awwww' of the effects were there. I love Pandora! Especially the luminous plants, trees, the dots on the Na' Vi and everything, it is awesome!

Besides that, it shows how ugly, selfish, greedy, ignorant, arrogant, etc etc of a human being can be. In fact, it's not just one, it's a whole bunch of them excluding a teeny-weeny of them with kind-heart. I think none of the Aliens in the other 'planets' would welcome us if '2012' really happen.

Something about the Na' Vi. Jake Sully is cute but his Avatar illustrates someone's shadow. When I see jakesully (the avatar), I see him all the time. Eegghh... Not that I hate it but... Ugh~ Meanwhile, the emotions of the Na' Vi are a little too fickle. There were few scenes that almost made me cry, but the erratic facial expressions hold my tears back, especially when Neytiri's father dies.

During the end, I wouldn't surprise when Jake decided to stay in Pandora, become a real Na' Vi. Hey, if I am Jake, I will definitely stay! If he returned to earth, he can't get the treatment for his legs (or prosthetic legs) because he has betrayed Colonel Quaritch, he would have to be on the wheel chair for the rest of his life, and he lose his only brother. However, being a Na' Vi, he can walk, run, jump, climb trees, has a tail and a long braid, has a lovely wife, and ride the freaking awesome Toruk Makto!! Anyway, if I have a chance, an ordinary Ikran will do. :p


Next mission: 3D!!!

2. Up (2009)

I know it's quite some time ago, yet I just watched it.

I love Dug! Especially when he says:"I was hiding under you porch because I love you!" Oh my goodness! So cute and adorable!! The scene where Kevin the 'snipe' imitates Carl aka Mr. Fredricksen's action to chase her away, is funny too. Haha!


Just one thing: Dug, may I borrow your collar please? I want to listen to Coco Lim talking. That would be superbly fun! :)

3. Mary and Max (2009)

At first, I didn't expect this clay-mation would be so interesting. Before start watching the animation, it gives me a good 'first impression' already because of the black and white and gray style of animations (particularly because I like Tim Burton's style - Nightmare before Christmas and Corpse Bride)

The statement 'Sometimes perfect strangers make the best friends' sound so true. It reflects directly between Mary and Max. There are a lot of narrating and talking going on, majorly about the letter written by Max and Mary, but their letters represent the mind of an 8-year-old and 44-year-old. As time goes by, Mary's letters become more mature, using bombastic professional words and no more typo error. A little less fun than the ones she wrote when she was younger. I like her idea of 'Sexing' too! Haha! However, that idea triggered an anxiety attack on Max. :( Too bad.

During the good old days, I used to write letters too. I knew almost all of my pen-pals, (I said 'almost' because I once wrote to a stranger boy I knew through iCQ or MIRC and in his letter to me, he enclosed an RM1 bill with some hand-written wishes on it. Funny~) and I still kept all the letters in my drawers. At some point, pen-pals (not mine) gave me a very bad impression, and following the rapid development of Internet, I never write. However, I still like the feeling of receiving letters, with my name on the envelopes. It is truly a different type of happy feelings than emails and facebook walls.

At the end of the movie, the ending quite sad yet touching, as Max never had the chance to meet Mary, and he glued all of the letters from Mary on the ceiling, Mary's self-portrait on the mirror, and her bottle of 'teers for Max'. :)


The story is eventually like the wallpaper below: dark and gloomy. But there's still some fun pat going along like the red pompom on Max's head.


feifei said…
ya avatar is really very good!:)
Lim Huey Nee said…
Yup indeed it is! So next mission: must watch 3D version! :p

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