2009 to 2010

I had a great and bliss 2009.

the first half of the year was all about adventures and explore:

-- 2 months of industrial training had open my eyes to the world of biomedical engineering and hospital environment again after poli's experience; I love to get my hands dirty in fixing the faulty dental chair; I love to challenge 240V open power supply; I love the experience visiting mental ward; I love solving the mysterious faulty clamp of a syringe pump and watching the inside of the CT Scan machine; I love walking around the hospital looking like a pro engineer; I miss everyone in Radicare Kota Bharu.

--4 months as an exchange student in Urumqi, Xin Jiang, China has definitely one of the best chapters in my life; I miss the food so much, especially Zhua Fan and BBQ lamb stick; I miss the view of snowy mountain from my room; I miss the food street in front of school where most of the shop owners know us; I miss the classmates; I miss the teachers; I miss the wonderful trips around Xinjiang; and I definitely miss the solo trip moment; I miss everyone and everything in China.

The other half of the year was all about going back to university's life again. Started on final year project, getting to know the lecturers and technicians better, getting to know the coursemates and friends better, and last semester was, I would say, the busiest semester of all. Anyway, I enjoyed the journey.

Coming to the first half of 2010 would be my final semester for Degree. I hope for the best, and I pray hard for that. Some of my friends will have their ROM, and some preparing for their wedding! I wish them the best too :)

*Happy New Year everyone =)*


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