Winter Solstice

It's this time of the year again. ^.^ Last year I was at home celebrating the festival, I am so not excluded as well this year!! XD

We tried new recipe this year: orange color extracted from carrot!

Color extracting work was quite easy though, but tiring.

^1. First, chop the carrot in cube.

^2. Using the don't-what's-the-right-term-for-this-thing, mash the carrot until...

^3. becomes like this.

4. Put the mashed carrot into a cloth to squeeze out the 'juice'.

^5. Pour the 'juice' into the glutinous rice flour and knead it into dough form. (The green color is extracted from pandan leaves)

^6. The colorful doughs! ^.^

^7. After hard work of three people...

^ TADA!!!!!

Drool please people... Drool... :)

I've been so drooling about this stuff, I finished almost half bowl of it! Sorry~ especially to the younger sister who is so drooling about this. :p

Dong Zhi Kuai Le 冬至快乐 everyone!!

Random Picture time:

Our camp is on today's The Star Metro!!! Hahahahah!!!

Click here for clearer picture and the news to read.


tino said…
ssssooooo SSSSAAAADDDDD !!!

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