2nd International Putrajaya 12 hours Walk 2009

Yes! I kid you not! 12 hours = 12nd Dec 8pm until 13th Dec 8am.

Tired, exhausted, sleepy, blah blah blah.... But we had fun and enjoyed ourselves so much!!!

Anyway, any enjoyment will lead to some side effects, for example: painful leg muscles!!!!! I can't bend my right leg, painful to change pants, climb ladder etc etc... Goodness~

Oh! And, the red-shirt uncle standing in the middle is Uncle Allen, he's promoting pacesetters membership to us (and his 'brainwashing' mission leads us to the painful ending =.=). Anyway, he's super friendly and visited our camp frequently, always came to encourage us not to give up.

Ok la, more stories and photos will be up next. My legs are so pain I wish I can just roll around the house and not walking... =/


PURPLE is LOVE said…
hahaha.. rajin sangat.. kan da sakit..
tapi ok la.. new experience..
just roll whenever u need to move from places but make sure u have it recorded.. really wanna see 'em! haha!! =D
Lim Huey Nee said…
Look at what I wore!! Siap tolong promote UniMAP BME lagi~ Kua3...
Jasmine * said…
How did you walk for 12 hours???????!!!!!!!! I couldn't feel my legs after 1! hahahaha. Congratulations!
PURPLE is LOVE said…
haihhh.. tak perasan plak ur shirt tu..
haha..so..anyone attracted to UniMAP BME?
Lim Huey Nee said…
@Jas, well I didn't walk for the whole 12 hours lah... Few hours were spent on sleeping, resting, eating, and soothing the painful legs :p

@Marr, No! Haha... saja je nak pakai baju tu sebab takde baju lain dahh..

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