Beginning of Semester Syndrome

This would be our last 'beginning of semester' phase, and I'd like to conclude some of the syndromes that I found among myself and my Uni friends:

1. Cooking.

During the beginning of semester, my friends would have mood to cook every meal every day. At least for the past few days. I was waken up (or perhaps, shocked) by the sound of them frying chicken or fish at the back of the house. Anyway, I don't mind, because I get to eat good food! :) Be it rendang, or gulai ayam, or simple fried fishes, they always make me drool so badly, and want for more!

^Today's dishes.

Just hope we will not get caught for cooking in hostel until the end of the semester.

2. Trip and travel planning. I think this is what we do in the beginning of ALL semesters.

"Let's go to Langkawi!" "perhaps a trip to Redang or Perhentian?" "after we finished our paper we'll travel around Malaysia!" etc etc etc.

Sounds familiar? At least, for us, YES! We've been talking about going to Langkawi since last sem, but the wish never come true. Anyway, since this is the final sem, the show must go on!!

3. Planning for cooking hours and plantation growing time (for facebook games of course).

In the beginning of semester, there's no lecture notes to study, no assignments, no tutorials, no labs, no quiz, we are so darn free! In this sem, since I 'stole' the Maxis broadband from home, there's no more 'Access Denied'. Haha! Adik has been teasing me since I arrived.

Anyway, with the broadband, I get to play the facebook games again. And, like what I did at home during the holidays, I have been cooking, planting, and upgrading my levels. And, right until now, I'm still doing the same thing. Even in the short future, when all those labs and tutorials and lectures begin, it will not really affect me though. I'm good in stealing time 'in between'. =)

4. Going elsewhere without much thinking and planning.

I mean, to somewhere far away from Perlis. There's no cinema in Perlis, and not even a more decent shopping complexes for us to do our grocery shopping (Yes we have The Store, and Aneka, and Ten Ten. Roll your eyes please.) So, whenever we need entertainment, a cinema for instance, we need to travel. The shortest distance to the nearest cinema would be about 45 minutes away, to either Jitra or Alor Setar.

Going to Jitra on weekdays? No problem. :) That's what I did yesterday.


For now, that's all. I would list out more when I found out other symptoms.


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